Tusk Lighting Kit W/Hand Guards

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Dirt Legal lighting kit.png

Tusk Lighting Kit W/Hand Guards


The Tusk Motorcycle Enduro Lighting Kit is designed to be a simple way to provide front and rear turn signals, tail/brake lights, horn, and rearview mirror for your motorcycle.

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Tusk Motorcycle Enduro Lighting Kit is easy to install and does not require cutting into or messing with your motorcycle’s existing wiring. The components have universal applications and will work on almost any motorcycle with minor modifications. Instead of conventional mini-stalk front LED turn signals, this kit comes with Tusk MX D-Flex handguards with integrated LED turn signals. The kit does not include a headlight.

Kit Includes: comes complete with

  • Wiring harness

  • MX D-Flex hand guards W/LED turn signals

  • LED flush mount rear turn signals

  • Flasher relay

  • Horn

  • Hydraulic brake switch

  • LED taillight/brake light

  • Dual sport folding mirror

  • On/Off switch, and control switch