Custom Supermoto Wheels Will Transform Your Dirt Bike

Are your supermoto wheels boring? Spoiler alert: if they don’t look something like these, they probably are. STEP UP YOUR GAME 😉

Supermoto Wheels

Your supermoto’s wheels are your biggest chance to make a jaw-dropping style statement wherever you go. As the lowest part of the bike, your choice of wheels also plays a big part in how your bike handles.

Read this handy guide to learn all that and more about why you should pick up a new set of supermoto wheels ASAP.

Customizing wheels can involve powdercoating, wrapping, and hydrodipping, so if you’ve been living under a rock go follow those links and welcome yourself to the modern custom scene. I guess you could Plastidip your wheels too, if you enjoy doing it again every time you catch a rock 🙄


Dirt Legal Discount on Warp 9 Wheels

We’re good friends with the hoons over at Warp9 – and we have the best prices on the internet for their wheels. We know you have a choice of wheels, but in our experience we’ve found these to be some of the best supermoto wheels on the market. That’s why we struck up a partnership with them to bring you the lowest prices on the internet, guaranteed.

Warp9 builds the sexiest supermoto wheels around. They deliver you a complete wheel package that installs quickly and easily. When your new wheels arrive at your door, just throw them on and ride away. Plus they do custom finishes on sprockets, hubs, spokes, floating rotors, caliper brackets, and more, all in-house, all in the U-S-of-A, so feel free to go crazy and order whatever you want.

The wheels you see in this article are all made by them, so if you like what you see check out Warp9’s interactive spoked and solid wheel building apps, then hit us up and ask for the Dirt Legal Discount on Warp 9 Wheels.


Parts of Supermoto Wheels

Your bike’s wheels have to withstand all the forces generated by bumps and wheelies, and the torque of acceleration and braking, not to mention all those wrecks and hopped curbs 😉

Most street bike wheels are built of a solid construction, be it forged or cast. Most dirt bike wheels and some supermoto wheels are held together with wire spokes, like the ones you’d see on a bicycle. Spokes flex, allowing these wheels to endure off-road abuse if needed. Not that you need to worry about breaking a wheel either way… that’s super rare!

Those new hoverbikes look sweet |  source

Those new hoverbikes look sweet | source

In addition to the usual stuff – tires, rotors, and hubs – spoked wheels offer a wide array of customization options because of the additional parts. Here are all the things you can change about spoked supermoto wheels!

Spokes. Want black, chrome, white, pink, or even a custom pattern? You got it! You can custom-order them with new wheels, or you can buy spoke skins that snap over your existing spokes from us, in any color, for $25. That’s a cheap way to add some style to your supermoto wheels.

Nipples. Where the flexible spoke meets the hard rim is called the nipple. Your wheels have a lot of nipples, so choose their color wisely.

Nipples and spokes |  source

Nipples and spokes | source

Rims. That’s, well, the rim. Built strong to withstand the abuses of daily riding. In the styling department, you can do the awesome half-and-half thing, stick with a classic solid look, or get totally weird. The choice is yours.

Rubber. This is a friendly reminder to be choosy about the only part of your bike that’s supposed to hit the ground. Your bike can feel like a totally different machine with the right set of tires, so get the best ones you can afford. With spoked wheels, don’t forget you might also need tubes that go inside the tire.

Hubs. These are essentially where your bike and wheels meet, and they contain the bearings necessary to make your wheel spin. Until recently they were pretty much ignored by the custom world, but check out this sexy red hub and tell me you ever want to see a boring black hub again.

Warp9 Wire Wheels |  source

Warp9 Wire Wheels | source

Rotors and sprockets. Your bike wouldn’t stop or go without them, but that doesn’t mean they’re no form and all function. A sweet set of rotors and a custom sprocket can be the extra details that take your bike over the top.

The best style of rotor is what’s called floating rotors. That means the actual brake disc is riveted to the part that bolts to the wheel, allowing those parts to move around a bit. Floating rotors dissipate heat better and don’t drag like solid rotors do: the difference is clear in this video.

Powder coat your wheels to any color you choose!

Powder coat your wheels to any color you choose!

Spoked vs. Forged Supermoto Wheels

If your bike never sees dirt, if you ride on paved tracks, or if you just want a different style, check out a set of forged or cast wheels. Solid wheels give an urban edge to your bike’s appearance.

The biggest thing to watch for here is weight – cheaper wheels tend to be a lot heavier. You’ll notice the extra weight not just when you’re doing wheelies, but all the time, in corners and in a straight line. You don’t want that.

You can still customize the rotors, sprocket, valve stems and hubs on solid supermoto wheels to set yourself apart from the rest, and Warp9 gives you several styles of forged wheels to choose from.

Forged W9 Supermoto Wheels by Dirt Legal

Why Not Have Both? Two Sets of Wheels!

Riding dirt and street is the top reason why you should make your dirt bike street legal. If you ride both, you know how much of a pain it is to change tires – or even bikes – whenever you want to switch surfaces. Why not pick up an extra set of wheels and save yourself the hassle?

The first time you switch out your street set for your dirt set, you’ll never want to go back to having one set of wheels!

Wheels are like shoes – your bike’s style isn’t complete without them. Match them to your fairings, bars, or even your gear and you’ll be breaking necks all over town. And be sure to contact us for the Dirt Legal Discount on Warp9 Wheels!


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