Nutsert Assortment Kit Metric (220PCS)


Nutsert Assortment Kit Metric (220PCS)


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Make life easier. Metric thread.

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Stop handling loose nuts. These zinc-plated carbon steel nutserts (aka rivnuts or threaded nut inserts) will make adding accessories to your Roxor a whole lot easier.

This metric SAE thread kit contains:

  • 40 x M3

  • 40 x M4

  • 30 x M5

  • 20 x M6

  • 10 x M8

  • 5 x M10

  • 5 x M12

Note: A nutsert installation tool isn’t mandatory, but it does help. Get yours here.

What is a nutsert? Check out the video below for a visual explanation of how a nutsert works along with installation instructions.