RXR Performance 2.5" Full Exhaust

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RXR Performance 2.5" Full Exhaust

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Let your Roxor sing!

Fits: 2018-2019 Model Roxor

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Get louder. Whether you’re looking to maximize power gains from an ECU tune or just looking for some of that sweet turbodiesel whine, this free-flowing 2.5” turbo-back exhaust system for the Mahindra Roxor is exactly what you need. With an optional muffler delete, this exhaust system from RXR Performance drastically increases airflow and minimizes exhaust temperatures over the OEM system, increasing performance across the board. Let that turbo sing!

NOTE: There will be extra end length provided with the exhaust. This is so you can cut it to your desired length.


  • 2.5” turbo-back exhaust for the Mahindra Roxor

  • Designed and hand-built in the USA

  • Made of 2.5” aluminized steel tubing

  • TIG welded steel flange bolts directly to the factory turbo outlet

  • High-flow muffler optional

Installation: All mounting hardware is included. 100% bolt-on turbo-back system.