Roxor Front & Rear Complete LSD Diff Kit W/Gear Option

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Roxor Front & Rear Complete LSD Diff Kit W/Gear Option

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Fits: 2018-2019 Model Roxor

Complete kit for front and rear differential

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Kit includes:

  • Complete Front and rear differential ring and pinion set

  • Master install kit for the front and rear axle with all new differential bearings, seals & shims

  • Front and rear LSD differentials

  • Front and Rear diff covers (optional)

Complete kit to upgrade your Roxor differentials for larger tires and more traction! We are taking the guesswork out of setting up your axles with proper gearing and differentials for your build. The factory Roxor transmission heating is surprisingly high and does not allow the rpm to work in the peak power range for most situations. Especially with larger tires!

Not only does this kit provide everything you need to maximize your off-road experience but it’s also provides better driving manners than the lockers that many people are paying way too much for!