Roxor OBDII Adapter Cable


Roxor OBDII Adapter Cable

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Want to hook up a diagnostic tool, scanner, or GPS tracker to your Mahindra Roxor?

Our Roxor OBDII Cable will allow various scanners and accessories to be plugged into the Roxor’s stock Marine-style diagnostic port for use of OBDII scanners and accessories. This high-quality harness is custom-made for the Mahindra Roxor – its extra-long cable makes it easy to mount readers and accessories in the cab.

A good OBD2 scanner puts the dealership’s diagnostic power in the palm of your hand. Detect issues, codes, and check engine lights on the fly.

The Roxor OBD2 Adapter Cable supports readout for many features, including:

  • Average fuel consumption

  • Air temperature

  • Coolant temperature

  • Barometric pressure

  • Fuel system information

  • Timing information