Rigid Industries 3" LED Cube Light (Pair)

Dirt Legal Rigid Light cube.png
Dirt Legal Rigid Light cube.png

Rigid Industries 3" LED Cube Light (Pair)


This kit includes one (2) D-Series Lights, harness, switch, installation instructions, and all required hardware and connectors.

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You’ve heard the name, now experience the quality. With a spot beam pattern shining at over 2500 lumens, the Rigid Industries D-Series Pro Midnight 3” LED Cube Lights will throw light a quarter-mile down any trail you take them on.

Everything about these Midnight lights is black – even the circuit boards. That means you can hide them behind your grille, or mount them proudly on your roll cage, bumper, hood, or anywhere you want. The Roxor Performance Bumper is pre-drilled for these lights.

Why spend more? Unlike those eBay knockoffs and Amazon wannabes, Rigid Industries LED lights not only deliver at or beyond the stated lumen output, they will continue to deliver that light for years to come – through all manner of abuse. In our experience, Rigid’s optics are much clearer and far more uniform than those cheaper alternatives. That means a brighter and clearer light with fewer artifacts, giving you better visibility on the darkest trails.

Bright, rugged, and high-quality, the Rigid Industries D-Series PRO Midnight Edition 3” LED cube lights are a perfect match for the Mahindra Roxor.

These cube lights are a direct fit for the RXR Performance Front Bumper and the RXR Performance Rear Bumper.


  • 2508 lumens

  • 1.5 amps per light

  • ¼-mile light range

  • Spot beam pattern

  • 4 LEDs per cube

  • Size: 3” x 3”

This kit includes one (2) D-Series Light, harness, switch, installation instructions, and all required hardware and connectors.


These Rigid Industries D-Series LED cube lights use a surface-mount design. Wiring is a breeze: run the ground wire to a known good ground, then either splice a power wire into your high or low beams or run an auxiliary switch to your dashboard.

From the manufacturer:

This Rigid Lighting D-Series Midnight Edition 29 watts 3-3/16 inch square LED Driving/ Fog Light has black housing and black enamel coated lens

With the Rigid Industries exclusive Hybrid Spot Optic and a transparent black enamel coating, D-Series Pro Midnight Edition lights are all about stealth. From black oxide hardware to dark gray screen-printed and black embossed logos on the bezel, these lights are designed to take the subtle “blacked out” look seriously. They will be invisible during the day, while providing powerful illumination at nighttime thanks to advanced LED technology. The D-Series has always been the most versatile compact lighting package on the market today. RIGID has just made it professional grade with the D-Series PRO, which offers more light output than ever before thanks to recent advancements in LED technology. 

They feature the same superior build quality as the rest of RIGID's lighting products, providing reliable and efficient lighting on demand. Designed to endure the rigors of heavy-duty applications, these lights are encased in a durable aluminum housing with an over-sized heat sink, which keeps the temperature down and allows the LEDs to run cooler and brighter. But what makes D-Series Pro Midnight Edition LED lights really unique is their Hybrid Spot Optic with a black enamel coating. 

Available with a variety of mounting options, including surface, flush, or heavy-duty, the D-Series PRO can be utilized for virtually any lighting application. Measuring just 3" x 3", the D-Series PRO packs a powerful punch up to 102% more raw lumens depending on the optics chosen. RIGID's D-Series PRO (Professional Race Output) lights are available with either a black or white finish, and recent updates to the D-Series PRO include new branding and blacked-out circuit boards for a more refined look.