2020 Kawasaki UTV Lineup Revealed, But One is Still Missing

Kawasaki just released their latest refresh to the UTV lineup. There’s a lot to get excited about with the 2020 Kawasaki UTV lineup, so let’s jump right into the details.

First, let’s look at an overview of the new lineup. Of course, this doesn’t include the mystery Kawasaki UTV that was recently teased on YouTube. Kawi are being quieter than a Christian Mingle user on a Tinder date when it comes to their new performance UTV, the details of which will finally be revealed this October.

What we have right now are the following workhorse UTVs.

Mule PRO Series - heavy duty

  • MULE PRO FXT: two rows, seats six, offesr a single row for extra cargo room

  • MULE PRO-FX: one row, seats three, includes a big bed for cargo

  • MULE PRO-FXR: premium styling and premium abilities

  • MULE PRO-MX: mid-size option, best of all worlds

  • MULE PRO-DX/MULE PRO-DXT: diesels that can haul anything

Mule Series - light duty

  • MULE SX line: standard winter kit, optional fuel injection, 7 configurations

  • MULE 4000/4010: offer a host of Kawasaki Genuine Accessories

Kawasaki Teryx - sport utility

  • Medium performance / light work model

  • Fox Podium 2.0 shocks, a CVT with automatic engine braking

  • Kawasaki STRONG 3-year warranty

Let’s look at each model in greater detail.

Mule PRO Series

The newest Kawasaki MULE PRO series includes the most powerful and fastest side by sides ever built from the company. You can choose from a single or two-row model to transport cargo and people.

The models are powered by an 812cc three-cylinder gas engine which produces 48 lb-ft of torque. It works with a Continuously Variable Transmission and electronically selectable 2WD/4WD system plus the dual-mode locking rear differential.

Every MULE PRO comes with a tough, durable chassis that provides a smooth ride. It features an independent suspension in the front and the rear. The lineup also has a suspension that allows for 8.7” of travel and superior ground clearance.

MULE PRO FXT - This two-row option holds six people and quickly transforms to a single row when you need extra cargo space.  This model is available now and starts at $13,099.

MULE PRO-FX - This single row model has room for three people and features a big bed. Grab this model now for a starting price of just $12,099.

MULE PRO-FXR - Has increased ability and some premium styling features that make this a top of the line compact SxS. You can get your hands on this lineup now with a starting price of $14,999.

MULE PRO-MX - This mid-size side by side is comfortable for two people and offers increased muscle to get the work done. Dealers have this model now for a starting price of just $12,499.

MULE PRO-DX/MULE PRO-DXT - This diesel-powered lineup is ideal for the farm, ranch, fleet or job site. With room for three to six passengers, you can customize your cargo space with ease. The DX and DXT models are available at a starting price of $14,099.

Mule Series

The Kawasaki MULE series is reliable and dependable. Some models now comes with digital fuel injection, which makes them even more fun to drive. This lineup is produced in Lincoln, Nebraska from both imported and domestic components.

MULE SX - This features the same style as the PRO lineup. It easily fits into a full-size truck bed, so transportation is easy. Choose from seven configurations, five of which have fuel injection. These models also include a winter kit as standard which is ideal in cold climates. Every model is now available with the base price starting at just $6,699.

MULE 4000/4010 - Add more variety to your UTV with Kawasaki Genuine Accessories. You can also choose from a soft or hard cab configuration, additional skid plates, winches and windshields. All of these are also guaranteed by the Kawasaki STRONG 3-year warranty. Choose from a variety of colors with a base price of just $8,999.

2020 Kawasaki Teryx

The two-passenger or four-passenger Teryx models are both made for an adventure. They come equipped with a high-capacity cargo bed and premium suspension. You can haul up to 600 pounds in the bed, which is perfect for a weekend trip or on the job site.

The cargo bed also tilts for maximum versatility. You can use the two-inch hitch receiver to equip yourself with up to 1,300 pounds of towing capacity.

The Kawasaki Teryx is powered by a 783cc fuel-injected V-twin engine that handles challenging terrain. The low and mid-range torque is strong and powerful enough to provide just the right amount of muscle for rough trails. It also comes equipped with FOX Podium 2.0 shocks that increase handling and traction. The dual front disc brakes combined with a tight turning radius enhance maneuverability.

Teryx UTVs also feature lots of modern conveniences to make the journey even more fun.

Teryx - You can get the 2020 model now with the selectable 2WD/4WD and locking front differential. Starting prices begin at $12,999.

Teryx4 - Increases the capability with up to four passengers onboard. You also gain the Maxxis Bighorn tires, a double-X steel tube frame and an additional DC outlet in the rear. Of course, it will run you $15,799. If you prefer the Camo version, you also get four LED Headlights, a sun top and Realtree Xtra green camo bodywork. This model costs $16,299.

Teryx4 LE - comes equipped with 14-inch aluminum wheels and a starting price of $16,999.

What model will you choose?

With such an extensive 2020 lineup, it’s going to be difficult to choose the best UTV. We are still awaiting further news about the newest addition and anxiously await its arrival in October 2019. Until then, we have to agree that the Kawasaki team did an excellent job of creating machines worthy of heading to the trails.

Let us know what model you are willing to invest in and what you hope to see from the company next.

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