The New 2020 KTM 790 SMC Supermoto: What We Know

KTM is wasting no time updating models for the upcoming year.

We’ve already seen testing of the RC 390 plus the 390 Duke. There will also be a 390 Adventure joining the family in days to come. Just recently, we’ve noticed that KTM also began trying out the 2021 KTM 790 SMC.

This bike is set to take over for the company’s 690 SMC when the engine doesn’t meet European emission standards anymore. To see what’s in the works, let’s get a closer look at what the new KTM 790 Supermoto has to offer.

2020 KTM 790 SMC: Specs

The 790 SMC is the perfect unity between the 790 Adventure and 790 Duke. It comes with the same headlamp setup found on the 790 Duke. What you will notice is that the fuel tank from a 790 Adventure is swapped out with a one-piece instead. 

We also noticed that the suspension and handlebar setups were comparable to the adventure model. It features a 48mm WP USD fork in the front and WP-PDS monoshock in the rear.

We might also see the footpegs move a little higher on the 790 SMC. This will perfectly suit the supermoto character it hopes to portray. 

The power behind it is produced by the 799cc LC8c parallel twin engine that comes in some of the other models. Inside the 790 Duke, the same motor pumps out 105hp at 9000 rpm plus 64 ft-lb of torque at 8000 rpm. While we expect the same motor inside the new supermoto, we also anticipate KTM tuning it slightly more to create the perfect match.

We also expect to see many of the high-end features KTM and Husky have become known for. Don’t be surprised to see:

  • cornering ABS

  • quick-shifter

  • advanced traction control

  • in-depth ride modes

  • ultramodern digital instrument cluster

We don’t know when the 790 SMC will officially launch, but we would hope to see a showing at EICMA this November.

The Full 2020 KTM Enduro Lineup

While we await the arrival of the new KTM 790 Supermoto, let’s take a peek at what’s in store for the 2020 models. KTM recently redesigned some of the lineup to create a full selection of EXC 2-strokes and EXC-F 4-strokes. One of the most exciting additions is the latest Supertrax suspension technology.

From the 2-stroker side, you will see the 150 EXC TPI, the 250 XC TPI plus the 300 EXC TPI. In case you didn’t know, TPI means Transfer Port Injection. This 2-stroke fuel injection system from KTM debuted back in 2017. It allows the company to produce torque-filled and powerful bikes that conform to restrictive emission standards. 

On the 4-stroke side, we look forward to seeing the 250 EXC-F, a 350 EXC-F, the 450 EXC-F plus a 500 EXC-F. KTM promises that the entire range features updated and efficient engines, redesigned chassis and the WP XPLOR suspension. They’ve also added new handling equipment, modern bodywork, a durable air filter box, updated exhaust systems and a brand new cooling system. 

All this equipment combines with the NEKEN handlebar, No-Dirt footpegs, CNC milled hubs and Brembo brakes for the ultimate package. Giant rims come as standard equipment which just further ensures that the 2020 KTM EXC lineup are some of the most extreme and best-performing selection of enduro bikes.

Keep your eyes open for an R model SMC, along with the Six Days version of the 2020 790 SMC that come equipped with special KTM Powerparts. You’ll also want to check out the Erzberg Rodeo edition of the 300 EXC TPI. It’s the top level and only 500 are available. It doesn’t just have a ton of Ready to Race parts, but also a shiny gold sticker kit.

Check Out the XPLOR Suspension

If you haven’t seen the XPLOR suspension yet, it’s pretty exciting.

It comes with Supertrax technology that has been used with some of the race teams. This system has an additional traction adjuster (TXN) on the shock. Basically, there’s an oil bypass system inside the shock which allows riders to tune the low- and high-speed rebound damping on the fly for complete control.

Don’t write this knob off as just another way to screw up your handling. If you do it right, it will provide a more comfortable, confident and smoother ride. Overall, there should be less physical strain for riders with more rear-wheel traction.

The XPLOR forks feature a cone-shaped valve design to offer further precision and a reduction in harshness. This provides an improvement in comfort, no matter if it is set up to be soft or hard, and stands in contrast to fork systems from other manufacturers.

Will you upgrade?

The great thing about KTM supermotos is they rarely die off. These are some of the most thrashable bikes on the planet, and thanks to that torquey powerhouse they call an LC8, it’s one of the punchiest supermotos in the world. Many would say it sets the standard for what motards have come to expect from a high-performance supermoto.

The question then becomes, is it worth upgrading? Are these new suspension features and the new-bike smell enough to make you throw down over $10,000? Or even over $15,000 for the R model?

With resale values on former KTM R models staying so high they make Harley owners jealous, will this new SMC be worth throwing down some serious cash?

Are you buying a new KTM soon?

Do you plan to invest in a new KTM model in the future? We would love to hear what model you are after and what you think of the latest lineup? Between the KTM 790 Supermoto, 300 EXC TPI and the 500 EXC-F, KTM has created quite the lineup. 

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