3 Powerful Reasons to Consider Electric UTVs

As a group of people that love to tear up the trails on the weekend, we have to admit that we don’t get too excited about the thought of electric vehicles. They don’t brap, rev, or smell like freedom. Still, with technology the way it is today, there are some real reasons to start considering electric UTVs.

So with an open mind, here are the top three reasons it might be time to look at some electric UTV models.

#1: Electric UTVs Don’t Smell Bad or Make Loud Sounds

I know I just said we love those exact things, but admittedly they’re acquired tastes.

One of the most common things we hear when someone starts an electric UTV for the first time, “Is this thing on?” That’s because they make virtually no noise. This might seem strange at first, especially if you enjoy the sound of a revving engine like a normal human being.

Once you get over the shocking sound of silence, you realize that the silence has some benefits. The biggest one is that you can carry on conversations with your passengers without yelling at the top of your lungs or pulling over like an angry mom on the way home from football practice.

Another perk is the lack of strong fumes. If you spend a lot of time riding with friends, you know how heavy the fumes can get while riding in large groups. And while that smell is like perfume to the nostrils of a petrolhead, I probably shave a few minutes off my life every time I take a deep breath of burning oil.

Plot Twist: This combination of no fumes and quiet operation is an ideal mixture for riding indoors. If you use a UTV in a factory to haul loads or you like the sound of UTVs racing on an indoor go kart track, going electric makes a lot of sense.

#2: Electric UTVs are Easy to Maintain & Have Plenty of Power

Another concern about electric UTVs is whether they will come with enough power. Because they run on batteries, like golf carts or mobility scooters, you wouldn’t think that they would produce enough power to keep you satisfied.

The truth is, battery technology continues to get more sophisticated every year. Modern battery packs hold power twice as long and charge much quicker than ever before.

The other performance benefit of electric power is instant torque. You can’t get this with a gas or diesel counterpart without investing tons of money. That’s why many electric UTVs provide higher torque numbers than the gas or diesel models could ever hope to achieve.

Aside from that, the electric UTV is easier to maintain because of the lack of moving parts. There are no spark plugs, air filters, fuel filters or other replaceable components you need to think about. You also don’t have to worry about gas prices. Charging the UTV costs a minimal amount of electricity. If you own a business where you need several UTVs daily, you can save a lot of money going electric.

The downside is there’s not much about a battery that can be fixed. That contributes to the idea of a throwaway product, something the world desperately needs less of.

Plot Twist: All that torque would come in handy for towing heavy objects and massive payloads, which would help in a farm setting or on a jobsite. It could make throttle modulation difficult on a tight trail if the power isn’t managed correctly at low speeds.

#3: Electric UTVs are Ideal for Hunting

A popular use for electric UTVs is hunting. Because they don’t make noise, you won’t easily scare away your target.

Get your gear unloaded, set up and take the shot before your dinner even knows you’re there. Take THAT, nature!

There are electric UTV models with camouflage, winches, and heavy-duty suspension for heading deep into the woods. The only difference is that you won’t have the strong odor of fuel and the noise of an engine to scare away the prey.

Plot Twist: Who knows – buying an electric UTV might just make you a better hunter. One can always hope!

The future is here

We see the value in a variety of situations, from work to play. It is always beneficial to talk to your clients while driving them around the lot or joke with your friends while you’re on the trail. We also see the benefit for factory workers who need to ride indoors. Aside from that, we wonder how many people are interested in owning them for off-road thrills.

If you are considering purchasing an electric UTV, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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