Honda's 2020 Dirt Bike Lineup Has Arrived

If there’s one thing we love, it’s checking out the newest lineup of dirt bikes. Honda recently released information about their 2020 line and we couldn’t wait to check it out. We think that many of the models in the Honda 2020 dirt bike lineup are going to cause you to do a double take, so let’s jump right in.

Honda CRF450RWE | CRF450R | CRF450RX

Honda wasn’t satisfied with the same-old bike for the 2020 year. The company wanted to see how far the boundaries could be pushed, and they’ve added a cutting-edge traction control system to their lineup of 450cc four-stroke bikes.

It’s called Honda Selectable Torque Control, or HSTC. This system measures the rate of change in RPM and then modulates it accordingly. This maximizes rear wheel traction and seriously ups the fun factor. Yes, this does mean that there’s yet another switch on the handlebars, but the packaging is attractive and it does come with three varying levels to work well with any rider.

Honda relocated the 450R’s battery to achieve superior mass centralization and improve handling. Furthermore, there were numerous suspension and chassis adjustments to get these bikes as close to perfection as possible.

The CRF450R will be the least expensive of the bunch at just $9,399. It won’t be available until July but we’re positive it’s worth the wait. If you prefer the CRF450RX, you will pay a few hundred more and have to wait until October to get your hands on it. Finally, the CRF450WE will run you almost $12k and will hit dealerships this August.

Honda CRF450X | CRF450L

Honda is a common name in the enduro and supermoto world thanks to these stalwart machines, and this model line only gets better with age.

The best part about the CRF450X is that it’s perfect for trail riding. The 18-inch rear wheel, side stand, sealed chain, and six-speed transmission help to make this ideal for tight woods and desert terrain. Honda updated the graphics for 2020, but there weren’t a lot of improvements made to the bikes beyond that; mainly because according to most riders, they don't need anything else.

The CRF450X costs just shy of $10k and will be available in September while the CRF450L runs $10,339 but won’t be available until October.

Honda CRF250R | CRF250RX

After watching these race in the 250SX East Supercross Championship and the 250SX East/West Showdown at the Vegas Supercross, it’s time to check out the Honda CRF250R for yourself. There have been many updates for this model year, with a main focus on improving power.

To accomplish this, the Japanese manufacturer added revised valves, a new cam profile and a reworked combustion chamber. Just like the 2019 Honda 450s, this bike comes with a new swingarm and frame to reduce weight and improve handling. The battery has also been moved to further enhance the bike’s balance. In addition, Honda also updated the suspension settings and made a slew of materials tweaks.

The CRF250R costs just shy of $8k and will be available this July. If you want to wait until October to get your hands on the CRF250RX, you can expect to pay $8,299 for the privilege.

Honda CRF150R | CRF150R Big Wheel

We’ve seen these 150cc motocross models for a few years now, and they’ve remained mainly unchanged thanks to their simplistic design and phenomenal balance. These mini cycles have nothing new to show for the 2020 year either, but there’s nothing that really needed to be updated.

You can grab both the CRF150R and the CRF150R Big Wheel starting this August for $5,099 and $5,299 respectively.

Honda CRF250F

The Honda CRF250F is the flagship model of Honda’s CRF Trail lineup. It features an electronically controlled Keihin fuel injection, SOHC long-stroke and air-cooled engine, and all the quality and durability Honda is known for. This means the 250F delivers high-quality power, smooth acceleration and a fabulous ride quality.

The steel perimeter frame also provides confidence, no matter what speed you are traveling at. All in all, the CRF250F can tackle most any trail for the reasonable price of $4,599. It will be available this August.

Honda CRF125F / CRF125F Big Wheel

This mid-sized trail bike offers plenty of power for trail obstacles, and it’s available in both standard and Big Wheel versions. With a SOHC 124cc engine and Keihin electronic fuel injection, these 125s deliver smooth power plus and the dependability you’ve come to count on.

Another aspect of this bike is the steel twin-spar frame combined with the Showa trail-focused suspension that delivers a softer, nimbler ride than the R series. Not only is this lineup fun, but the performance is surprising. Grab the CRF125F for just $3,099 while the CRF125F Big Wheel sells for $3,499. Both models are available this July.

Honda CRF110F

Honda is known for offering four-stroke dirt bikes that are smaller but don’t lack any features. That’s precisely what you will find with the CRF110F.

Experience the trails with this clutchless semi-automatic bike that provides predictable power. Beginner riders will enjoy learning with this model, and experts will love the durability and reliability, making it an ideal pick for younger riders as well. Another perk is the price: you will only pay $2,399 to get on the back of a CRF110F for 2020. Look for it in dealerships this July.

Honda CRF50F

Finally, the CRF50F is a modern version of the beloved classic Z50.

Kids enjoy their first thrills with this pocket-size bike. Not only will the 49cc air-cooled engine and automatic clutch help kids learn the basics of riding control, it’s a budget-friendly way to get your kid introduced to the Honda lineup and create lifelong memories along the way.

The CRF50F features ten-inch wheels and a low seat height. At just $1,549, you get more punch for less money. It’s available this July and will change the way your kid sees the world… for the better.

Get excited about the 2020 Honda dirt bike lineup.

What bike are you most excited about in the 2020 Honda lineup? Are you hoping to invest in the awesome CRF450WE or are you in the market for a kid-friendly CRF50F? Let us know which bikes you want to see more of in the comments.

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