Roxor Weekly 11/6: Roxors Across the World

With the Mahindra Roxor growing more popular by the day, it’s no surprise that every week is bringing higher-quality videos for the world’s enjoyment. The people want more mud and more action, and you wonderful Roxor owners all across Canada and the United States are itching for the same thing.

The videos featured in this week’s edition of Roxor Weekly share the common theme of quality, and they come from three countries that are all connected by the love of modern off-roading in an old school wrapper.

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Without further ado, let’s start this week’s edition of:

Roxor Weekly


Roxor: Live from the Dirt

YouTube is a fantastic thing. Anyone with some cameras and a little know-how can produce a show that’s every bit as high quality as primetime TV shows were just a few years ago. 5.7k-subscriber YouTube channel Offroad Power Products has done just that, though if you’re familiar with the channel and its hosts you know this is far from their first rodeo.

Cooper and Dirthead Dave start by breaking down what the Roxor is. Then, about 2 minutes in, they deliver a play-by-play from the thick of the action while running this Roxor through terrain that would challenge the most athletic UTVs. While climbing what appears to be a hundred-foot hill, the hosts mention the need for locking diffs. Might we suggest a Spartan locker paired with some locking Warn hubs?

Offroad Power Products just surpassed 1 million views, and with quality content like this we expect many more millions to come.


It Still Hasn’t Snowed in Canada

Continuing the theme of immersive cinematography, YouTuber and Roxor Weekly veteran TlcBister has posted this short video of his blue Mahindra Roxor marauding about the lands of rural Saskatchewan.

It’s neat to see a bone stock Roxor taking on the sorts of steep inclines that would lay waste to a modern SUV; yet the Roxor does it all with aplomb. I must say, the city folk on our staff are a bit jealous of all the wide-open spaces in Canada. We hope the cameras keep rolling when this entire landscape is covered in snow – that ought to make for some unforgettable shenanigans.


Check Out the Mahindra Great Escape!

For the next video we’re traveling to India, where the 149th running of the Mahindra Great Escape took place earlier this year. This off-road challenge demands everything and more from the Roxor’s Indian equivalent, the Mahindra Thar.

The amount of mudslinging in this video (which starts around 2:00 in) is seriously intense. These guys are some dedicated off-roaders – the navigators are getting sprayed with mud as the drivers attempt to cover some of the soggiest terrain we’ve ever seen. At one point the riverbank is too steep to climb out of, so the Roxor just drives further downriver, IN the river, and tries getting out somewhere else! Amazing.

With an established aftermarket in India, most of these Thars are highly modified. Locking differentials, custom suspension setups, and even full-custom roll cages and body parts are seen getting covered in mud. Remember, a Thar is essentially the same as a Roxor in all the important ways. That means your rig is capable of everything seen in this video! Are you ready? 😊

Speaking of Lifted Roxors…

The crew down at Hattiesburg Cycles in Hattiesburg, Mississippi have added several off-road friendly mods to their shop Roxor, and this thing looks killer.

Highlights include a 4” lift kit, custom front and rear springs, extended shocks, sway bar extensions, and aftermarket 20” wheels with 32” tires. These modifications give the Roxor enough suspension travel and articulation to clear the gnarliest of obstacles. And the DOT windshield with wipers? That’s to keep the mud off your face.

This Roxor looks seriously awesome with the LE paint scheme, lift, and custom wheels. This Roxor and others like it are for sale locally or online at Hattiesburg Cycles.

Can a Mahindra Roxor Tow a Dodge Ram?

Wrapping up this Roxor Weekly is a fun short clip of YouTuber abiez using his Roxor to pull a ¾-ton Dodge Ram – without even trying.

With an advertised towing capacity of 3,490 lbs and a curb weight of just 3,035 lbs, the Mahindra Roxor can pull more than its own weight thanks to its mighty turbodiesel engine. In the comments, abiez confirms that his Roxor was at “slightly above idle” while pulling this Dodge Ram from a standstill, a truck which according to our research weights well over 4,000 pounds!

We suspect the Roxor would have no problem pulling a much larger vehicle at low speeds since it doesn’t even break a sweat pulling this Ram. When the snow comes, we trust that you’ll use that towing capacity to help your buddies out of the ditch. 😊

Fun for the whole family! From Instagram  @kristiansaile

Fun for the whole family! From Instagram @kristiansaile

Roxor Weekly

That wraps up this November edition of Roxor Weekly, brought to you by Dirt Legal. Our specialty is getting you an out-of-state title to help make your Mahindra Roxor street legal. With a turnaround time of 4 to 6 weeks, there’s still plenty of time to get your license plate before the white stuff starts falling. Click the link below to learn more.

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Cover image source: YouTube / Offroad Power Products