Roxor Weekly 11/16: Backroadin’, Offroadin’, All Kinds of Roadin’

Ladies and gentlemen, winter is finally upon us.

A metric ton of the white stuff was dropped across the United States and Canada in the past week, creating the perfect opportunity for the mighty Mahindra Roxor to strut its stuff. With slick roads and white fields everywhere, it’s time for this determined Jeep descendant to put up or shut up. Nobody in this week’s videos went home disappointed, and the last one will make you want to go drive in the snow right now. Trust me, it’s that good.

If you follow Roxor Weekly through the Dirt Legal Facebook page, you may have been expecting this post on Tuesday. An executive decision was made that Friday is where the party’s at, and we promise that’s where it will stay for a while. Cross our hearts.

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Without further ado, let’s start this week’s edition of:

Roxor Weekly

Bouncing Along in a Mahindra Roxor

We’re not sure what YouTuber TlcBister does for a living, but we’re almost certain it involves doing camera work on Hollywood blockbusters.

This 35-second clip does a fantastic job of highlighting the Roxor’s suspension travel and off-road capabilities. Despite covering ground that would give a Toyota RAV4 a broken axle shaft, there’s no loss of grip or control as a result of the jostling. The cabin even stays pretty flat, and both driver and passenger will most certainly make it through the day whiplash-free.

The funny thing is, this wouldn’t be any harder for that Roxor if that field was covered in snow. Speaking of…

Warn Manual Locking Hubs: Do They Work?

What better way to demonstrate locking hubs than to get yourself stuck in the snow?

That’s exactly what YouTuber and Roxor Weekly veteran abiez did earlier this week. He hopped out, disengaged his new Warn manual locking hubs, and drove straight into a snow-filled ditch in 2 wheel drive.

His last video documents the installation of these hubs, which abiez describes as a 3/10 difficulty. It involves removing minimal components and is easily accomplished in an afternoon, regardless of your level of technical expertise. The result? The ability to switch into 2-wheel drive whenever you want, simply by turning the adjustment caps you installed on the front hubs. Not bad for under $200!

What happened next? He engaged the hubs, put his foot down, and that Roxor pulled itself right out of the ditch, easy as pie.

How and Why to Adjust a Roxor’s Turning Radius

YouTuber Red, White, & Roxor isn’t a fan of all the white stuff that’s falling across North America. Regardless, he’s braved the cold to bring us this video about an issue that’s become a hot topic on the forums lately.

In stock form, a Mahindra Roxor’s steering leaves something to be desired. The steering stops are set in such a way that the steering radius is shockingly wide for such a small vehicle. It can also affect high-speed handling, something Mahindra can’t really address since the Roxor is a UTV and all.

Fortunately, it’s possible to adjust the steering stops and fix this issue using nothing more than basic hand tools. The adjustment seen in this video reduces the Roxor’s steering radius by about 30%. That’s a huge improvement when you’re trying to get down the trail, turning around in a parking lot, and doing all the things a street legal Roxor can do.

The difference becomes clear at 6 minutes in, when the host compares a stock Roxor’s radius with his adjusted Roxor in a perfectly executed overhead drone sequence.

Dashing Through the Snow

This is the one we’ve all been waiting for.

It’s safe to say we’re all gearheads here. When it’s snowy out, we all get the urge to drive off the side of the nearest road and cut donuts in the field. Someone saw you do it? Even better. And that’s exactly what the proprietors of Cowtown USA in Cuba, Missouri did this week.

Things get truly epic at about 4 minutes in. That’s when these guys turn a nearby field into a race course, complete with banked turns and a huge straight-away. They must have been at it all day, drifting and sliding at serious speeds, and who can blame them? At about 8 minutes in, the Roxor finally meets its match in the form of a 30-foot hill covered in deep powder. The driver gets some flying runs at the hill before finally making it out unscathed.

There’s something awesome about watching the owners of a dealership throw a Roxor around in a snow-covered field. As a Missourian, it’s obvious to me that this is right off Highway 44, in full view of anyone passing by. What if the cops saw? You know what, they’d probably pull up, grab their phone, and start recording. They might even ask for a ride.

That’s how we do it in the Midwest.

Getting down and dirty! Courtesy of Instagram @ bhm_offroadtestfacility

Getting down and dirty! Courtesy of Instagram @bhm_offroadtestfacility

Roxor Weekly

That wraps up this week’s edition of Roxor Weekly, brought to you by Dirt Legal. We specialize in securing out-of-state titles to help make your Mahindra Roxor street legal anywhere in the United States. What better time than now to turn your UTV into a street legal snow monster? Click the link below to learn more.

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Cover image source: Instagram @tlcbister

Title credit: Rick at Cowtown USA