Roxor Weekly 5/6: Ted Nugent, HardCabs, and Project Woodrat

I’m going to start this Roxor Weekly by telling you that the long-rumored Mahindra Roxor Ted Nugent Edition is officially a real thing. For the uninitiated, this limited-edition model has recently ousted Ferraris and Lamborghinis as the most coveted vehicle ever made. It might be the most valuable thing ever made, aside from the million-dollar fishing lure of course. Kinda makes this carbon fiber toilet seat look like a bargain at just over $1000 shipped, and while it’s nearly impossible to put a price tag on something so desirable, Mahindra have managed to do exactly that.

This week’s best Roxor videos also include a man driving into a lake, the HardCabs Full Enclosure, and what might be the best video ever uploaded to YouTube.

This is Roxor Weekly.

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Sloshing |   Red, White, & Roxor

Project Woodrat finally hit the trails… and it’s epic

This week’s biggest Roxor news is that the most famous Roxor on the web, Project Woodrat, finally saw some serious off-road action. It’s such a big deal that we wrote an entire article for the occasion.

Without spoiling the entire thing, let’s just say that romping through a muddy forest has been long overdue for Project Woodrat. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the full mods list for Project Woodrat in the article linked above.

Abie gets back in the lake

Looks like the frozen lake Abiez got stuck in a week ago has thawed out. Naturally, that means it’s high time for him to drive his Roxor right back into it.

The Mahindra Roxor might look fantastic in a bright shade of red, but this is no Picasso painting. Letting a Roxor sit around collecting dust is no different than keeping that Harley under covers waiting for the perfect summer day. It’s always great to see someone using their Roxor on a regular basis, and Abie’s weekend stroll beside (and into) a frigid Dakota lake looks like a great way to pass the time on any given Sunday.

And he didn’t get stuck this time! Round of applause, everyone.

Diesel Freak rolls out the red carpet in Michigan

The professional gearheads at Diesel Freak have traveled across their home state of Michigan to show off a variety of custom-built Roxors at what’s been dubbed a Roxor Roundup.

Don’t mistake this for THE Roxor Roundup – that’s later this year in Georgia, and 50+ Roxors are projected to be in attendance. You should be one of them.

[article link: roxor roundup] [we reached out for contact, if that person is you]

The event Diesel Freak has created here is a dealer event at Indian River Sports Center, a powersports dealership in Indian River, Michigan. If you live within driving distance of Indian River, it’s well worth heading over there while this little shindig is still happening.

Diesel Freak has brought all sorts of Roxors, from a POW-MIA edition with custom bodywork courtesy of Cowtown USA to the original Diesel Freak test mule that’s sporting plenty of one-off and prototype parts to improve looks and performance. One Roxor is even fitted with a SnowEx plow so you can get down to plowing on a cold winter’s day.

Our favorite of the lot is a fiery orange Roxor (think BMW Inka Orange) with color-matched shocks, hubs, and skid plates. What a beast!

This special-order Roxor is custom to the nines

Speaking of Cowtown USA, this video features the boys in Cuba, Missouri showing off a custom-ordered desert tan Roxor that would stop any car show from St. Louis to Seattle.

The new owner must’ve had a field day with the Roxor Online Configurator – we’re talking half doors, windshield, light bar, soft top, heater and defroster, meaty BFG offroad tires, and the brand-new extended ROPS cage system. We suspect the new owner will put the kids in the back and get to slingin’ mud on his favorite Missouri trails, but if that ever can’t happen for some reason, a few of our staffers would be glad to get that beast out for a little Ozark wheelin’.

You don’t wanna let these things sit, you know. Gotta keep the fluids flowing!

Just let us know.

Watch a 117 HP Roxor do a wicked snowy powerslide

YouTube is full of time-wasters who spend the first six minutes of every video asking you to like, subscribe, and tell your friends, neighbors, strangers, and priest about their channel, their Facebook, their YouTube, and their Tinder.

What we have here is the complete opposite.

This short but sweet video courtesy of Calibrated Power shows a Roxor cutting an epic snownut in some sloshy white snowfall in Marengo, Illinois. The ace driver applies a full foot of the 117-horsepower tuned Mahindra after Scandi-flicking into a slide. Then snow goes everywhere, a puff of black smoke comes out the tailpipe, and the video ends.

And then you click replay about 20 times.

Is this the perfect YouTube video?

Pretty much.

The HardCabs Full Enclosure is finally here

The most exciting new Roxor mod on the market this month is hands-down the HardCabs Full Enclosure. Why’s that, you ask? It’s sturdy, functional, and drop-dead gorgeous.

The perfect trifecta.

This video previews the new enclosure system from HardCabs (formerly DFK). It’s a weathertight piece that transforms the Roxor into something more closely resembling a Mule or an old Jeep mail truck. The kit features sliding plexiglass windows, locking doors, a hard roof, and cutouts to accommodate the Roxor’s stock roll cage. The windshield folds a full 90 degrees upward and includes dual hydraulic shocks, fluid sprayers, and a center-mounted wiper.

What’s more, parts like the doors are easily removable without taking the entire cab apart, so you’ll have your choice of how much weather to let in while you blast down your favorite trails. The HardCabs Roxor enclosure leaves the Roxor’s bed open, making it perfect for doing hard labor on chilly mornings.

We’re looking forward to testing this enclosure ourselves. We’re especially curious about how well it holds in heat – if you have one, we would love to hear from you.

Is this the most illustrious vehicle ever made?

Behold the Mahindra Roxor Ted Nugent Edition.

Yes, it’s a real thing.

Doubling down on Americana, Mahindra developed this special edition Roxor exclusively for the North American market, specifically anyone who’s still rocking a mullet in 2019.

The Motor City Madman has long been known for his affinity for zebra striping. He has guns, guitars, and Ford Broncos all clad in black and white stripes, so it’s no surprise that Detroit-based Mahindra Automotive North America has taken this concept to the next level.

The Wrangler Forums have been abuzz ever since someone sighted a flatbed full of pre-production zebra-striped Roxors in transit, and now you can finally purchase one for yourself. Much like buying tickets to Ozzy Osbourne’s Last Tour Ever and Definitely Not Another Cash Grab, snatching up a Nuge Edition Roxor is sure to be a story you’ll tell your descendants for decades to come.

In addition to giving us a preview of this illustrious upcoming model, this video from Mahindra also sheds some unique light on the process of designing and producing a custom livery for a vehicle.

“There’s a lot of sweat that goes into something as simple as a decal.”

It certainly helps to have industry-specific software that allows the designers to mock up a design on a digital scale model of a Roxor well before anything gets cut (you can even get similar software yourself). Still, by the time a design reaches the final stages it’s been passed through multiple programs and dozens of hands while transforming from a dream into a reality.

Designing a wrap for a production vehicle is a little more involved than whipping up a South Park livery for your friend’s limo on Forza Horizon, but it’s the same basic concept except you’re getting paid to do it. Turns out playing Xbox is résumé material after all.

The Mahindra Roxor Ted Nugent Edition starts at $20,999 USD. Customize yours in the Roxor Online Configurator.

Lookin’ good. Courtesy of @ on_the_rox_fab

Lookin’ good. Courtesy of @on_the_rox_fab

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