Roxor Summer: The Best Roxor Videos and News of Summer 2019

On a dark and dreary night, our protagonist walks through an empty alleyway. The brick and mortar walls of the buildings shimmer from the evening dew. There must be some color in this town, somewhere, but tonight it’s little more than varied shades of black and white.

The monotony of city living has taken it all away. Where is the fun? Where is the adventure? There must be another way.

Out of the shadows a figure begins to emerge, backlit in the night and growing closer with every step. Its striking silhouette promises a distraction from the endless mundanities of everyday life, an escape to a place where no Uber can travel.

It’s been awhile since our last edition of Roxor Weekly, mostly thanks to a tornado in the hometown of the guy who writes them. Meanwhile, y’all were hard at work making awesome videos with your Roxors and the world deserves to know about them.

The best of those videos fell into three categories: Built Roxors doing macho off-roady things, Stock Roxors doing an impressive variety of things, and the latest Roxor News: Mahindra just sponsored a NASCAR event and there’s speculate that they might soon replace the already beloved Roxor with a newer version.

Without further ado, here are the best Mahindra Roxor videos of June 2019. Feel free to skip to your favorite section using the links below.

Built Roxor Videos

Jesse Haines Fabrication Goes Full Send in the Desert

The Jesse Haines Fabrication Mahindra Roxor is touted by many as the most intense all-out Roxor ever created.

Take a quick glance and you could easily mistake it for a Jeep, especially in this company. And with the oldest Roxors only recently turning a year old, the thought of this little-known Indian turbodiesel UTV keeping up with the big guns is still a very foreign concept to most people.

That’s exactly what happened at this year’s running of Supercrawl, the self-proclaimed largest rock-crawling event in North America, the organizer of which is none other than mister Jesse Haines himself.

This 20-minute video wastes no time getting right to the good stuff, with experienced off-roader and journalist Harry Wagner navigating some seriously challenging terrain right off the bat. The whole video really sells this event as an awesome time, leaving little wonder why Supercrawl has grown as huge as it has.

And I have to say, it’s neat to see such an obscure vehicle endowed with world-class engineering and immense driving talent. Between the classic good looks, the distinctive diesel sound, and the “Don’t Do Anything Stupid” door decals, it’s easy to see why this is one of the Roxor community’s favorite builds.

JHF Roxor: The Highlights

Speaking of the build, it’s extensive. The Jesse Haines Fabrication Mahindra Roxor includes:

  • JHF portal axles (total gear ratio 7.88:1)

  • Yukon Zip Lockers

  • Branik Motorsports 300mm axle shafts

  • Daystar Stinger bump stops

  • PSC Motorsports hydraulic steering assist

  • Radflo long travel shocks with remote reservoirs

  • Custom leaf springs, roll cage, body panels, and interior

Check out the full build sheet and explore what it takes to build a world-beating Roxor by reading Mahindra’s official blog post on the JHF Roxor.

And while it’s arguably the most capable and focused Roxor ever created, the JHF Roxor is far from the only modified Mahindra in North America.

Project Woodrat Gets Muddy Again

The man behind one of the internet’s most infamous Roxors has been pretty busy this month.

From installing full locking differentials on the front and rear to raking hay with a tuned, locked, and lifted Roxor, Ryan of Red, White, & Roxor has been getting every cent worth out of his Roxor and all those bolt-on mods.

All the while, this little YouTube channel, backed by nothing more than an enthusiastic owner and his love of Roxors, Crocs, and telling it like it is, has grown to the point of getting over 100,000 views per video on some of the most popular uploads.

If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is.

The biggest news from Red, White, & Roxor from June of ‘19 is that Project Woodrat revisited a proper UTV park and made regular UTVs look like they had square wheels. It’s the return to Sabine ATV Park in Burkeville, Texas, and if you missed the first visit you can check it out here.

The video starts with a bolded and capitalized message in black and white: “WARNING: INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE.” It then abruptly cuts to a vlog entry showing Ryan and his wife driving through the deep woods of East Texas with the whirring of tires and differentials humming away in the background. There’s something eerie about those first few moments, like candid home footage taken moments before an alien invasion.

Suddenly an alien ship crash-lands on the highway right in front of them. Ryan and his wife are then forced to save the human race from complete annihilation using nothing more than their bravery, intuition, and the power and versatility of their trusty Mahindra Roxor. Trouble is, Ryan can’t stop losing his Crocs in the madness of it all. It’s a fight to the finish and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Will they make it in time?

Find out in Black Croc Down, in theaters Fall 2019.

A man loses his Croc (2019, colorized)

A man loses his Croc (2019, colorized)

In the actual video posted above, you’ll see Project Woodrat come to the rescue of a stranded side-by-side, get rescued itself by another UTV after becoming beached, and ford what can only be described as a shallow river without any help from anyone. Ryan avoids putting the Roxor through knee-deep mud, a depth he judged by dipping his left leg directly into the muck.

I can’t stand the thought of my entire leg being coated in mud. Those people who dive into mud pits and roll around in mud baths and fight each other in mud wrestling matches are a certain type of fearless in my book. That’s just further evidence that Ryan and the Roxor have what it takes to become humanity’s only hope for survival.

Project Woodrat: What it Costs

Another recent announcement by Red, White, & Roxor is the highly anticipated reveal of what all these modifications actually cost.

Some people on YouTube and in real life are afraid to tackle this topic for fear of coming off as arrogant or uber-rich. Ryan is neither – this video simply gives people a realistic idea of what it takes to build a capable off-roader with quality parts if you do all the installations yourself and approach the build with an open mind.

Here are the highlights of Project Woodrat using Ryan’s numbers:

  • Chromoly Axles and Ox Lockers ($5100)

  • RXR Performance front and rear bumpers with receiver hitch ($1200)

  • Fuel Sledge wheels and 2.5” spacers ($1000)

  • BKT 171 AT tires ($1000)

  • RXR Performance Tune ($500)

  • RXR Performance Exhaust ($400)

  • Dirt Legal LED Halo Lights ($150)

At just a hair under $30,000 all in, that puts Project Woodrat right where a factory Roxor would be with almost every box ticked. Such a full-spec Roxor would include locking diffs, off-road bumpers, and a hard-cab enclosure, but you’d be missing out on most of the other custom touches. Follow that link for the full rundown.

It’s safe to say Ryan has a lot more to show for his money by doing the upgrades himself than he would if he had bought everything from the factory (a fact which shouldn’t surprise anyone), but if you’re not mechanically inclined you could still have your local Mahindra dealership or a reputable shop install all those parts for you and only pay a few thousand more.


Stock Roxor Videos

If you think you need a modified Mahindra to have fun in the summertime, these videos should set you straight.

Trail Riding is Still Fun in a Stock Mahindra Roxor

With Butane and bug spray in hand, the starring duo of RandomIslandNorm and friend heads off to explore some dirt, gravel, and mud in the woodlands of rural Canada. The bright blue Roxor is the center of attention: it tackles these roads with ease, though the stock suspension does prove to be pretty bouncy during the more rhythmic sections of those Canadian gravel roads.

As the daring duo continues into the thick the road becomes nearly impassible for any other vehicle, often narrowing to only a few inches wider than the Roxor itself. The road eventually devolves into nothing more than a flooded creek bed, to which the Roxor says “bring it on.” The team later sets up camp, gets a good night’s sleep, wakes up bright and early, and does it all again the next day.

Sounds like an ideal weekend getaway to me. That is of course, unless anyone on in the group happened to lose a Croc during the trip.

Black Croc Down 2.

Stock Roxors Can Climb a 14 Degree Grade with Lots of Cargo

By “lots” of cargo I mean this Roxor is carrying well over 1,500 pounds of water, trailer, equipment, and dog.

Despite that immense weight, this Roxor pulls itself and its cargo up a gravel incline without any throttle input whatsoever.

That’s that turbodiesel torque, baby.

See, the Roxor isn’t all about off-roading. It’s also a fantastic UTV and a capable jobsite companion. Seeing as how the Roxor’s towing capacity of 3,490 pounds is actually more than it weighs – and considering people have hauled way more than that with one – it’s no wonder it wasn’t even breaking a sweat in this video.

A Stock Roxor Can Even Raze Buildings

To be clear, what we see in this video is Roxor Weekly veteran and Canadian snowplow extraordinaire TlcBister un-razing a building. But if a Roxor can put a building up, I’d be willing to bet it can take one down, too.

We had a bit of a wind storm come through the area last night. A shed at the farm got flip over where it sits. Between the Roxor and a John Deere tractor, we slipped it back into place.


Those Canadian winds can be pretty treacherous. Luckily, the shed seems to have made it out okay and the Roxor isn’t complaining about its unconventional afternoon to-do list.

Stock Roxors Can Do Pretty Much Anything

TlcBister is back again, this time schooling us on how to get every cent worth out of a Mahindra Roxor.

Not only is his Roxor the perfect UTV for working around the property, it’s a tough trail tackler, a spirited hunting companion, a fervent snowplow, a willing wood hauler, and an eager farmhand. And above all else, it’s just plain fun to drive.

It’s hard to beat that with any UTV or truck for that matter. Except, the Mahindra Roxor isn’t street legal.

But it can be.

Drive Any Place, Any Time

Roxor community guru and Roxor Weekly trailblazer Abiez recently caught a special moment on camera: hitting 200 miles in his Mahindra Roxor.

It may not be a huge number, but considering we’re talking about the same vehicle that’s capable of all those other feats in all those other videos, the thought of one also being a comfortable street legal daily driver is impressive in itself.

Mahindra Roxor News: Summer 2019

This summer’s biggest Roxor news is the first-ever Roxor Roundup happening in Georgia on July 25th, 26th, and 27th. Be there or be square.

Then there’s the launch of the Mahindra Roxor A/T – the automatic transmission model – to much fanfare from those in work-focused walks of life. From farms to theme parks, city maintenance fleets to campus shuttles, Roxors are now popping up in places where manual shifting isn’t a necessity.

And of course, we just had the first-ever running of the ROXOR 200, a NASCAR race formerly known as the Budweiser 300, the New England 200, Overton’s 200, and since 2008 the Joe Gibbs Racing is Probably Going to Win 200. That’s exactly what happened this year, with Christopher Bell and the Toyota team netting their second victory in a row at Loudon and their 10th win out of the past 12 runnings.

Mahindra’s move to sponsor a NASCAR event is right up there with building a Ted Nugent Edition Roxor: it’s a play for the eyes and ears of the American market, and by golly it looks like it’s working.

Could Mahindra Be Preparing to Revamp the Roxor?

Before launching in North America in 2018, the Mahindra Roxor had already been around for nearly a decade in its home country of India where it’s called the Mahindra Thar.

And unless you’re Nissan, a decade of making the exact same model means it’s high time to make a change.

The Thar sports roughly the same body and drivetrain as the Roxor, complemented by a stunning interior and all the street legal touches that make it one of India’s most revered cars of the modern day.

In this video, Indian news outlet Times Drive reports that the current Mahindra Thar is about to be phased out in favor of a more modern and redesigned second-generation model. Its swan song is the Mahindra Thar 700 Special Edition: limited to just 700 examples, these Thars carry a slew of upgrades that distinguish them as the last of their kind.

Could this mean that the Roxor is in for a change as well?

Officially, nothing has been said. Unofficially, I have my doubts. It would seem a little shortsighted to only sell the Roxor in its current body style for a couple of years. With production numbers as low as they are and the aftermarket parts scene only just now coming into its own, changing the Roxor now would be a hard change to cope with.

It would also leave a few thousand Roxor owners with a UTV that’s harder to find parts for than a Packard or Duesenberg. You know, back when they redesigned the entire car every year or two simply because they could.

Personally, I think North America would be happy to keep buying the Roxor in its current state for several years to come. Just look at the success of the Thar back in India – not only has it become one of the most revered off-roaders in the country’s history, it’s a massively popular car to drive on-road as well.

It’s a recipe that works, and as we say in the Midwest, don’t fix what ain’t broken.

The Best New Mahindra Roxor Videos of June 2019

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