We Designed a 2019 Mahindra Roxor at $30,000

The Mahindra Roxor UTV rarely exceeded $20,000 during its first year of production unless you paid in Canadian money or your dealership took you behind the woodshed. But times have changed, and amid their most recent legal troubles with Jeep, Mahindra has pulled out all the stops. They now offer a wide range of optional extras which, when combined, make this plucky UTV cost more than a used Corvette.

The 2019 Mahindra Roxor tops out at a whopping $28,546.86 before taxes, dealer fees, and delivery charges. Tack those on and you’re well over $30,000, making the Roxor safely one of the most expensive UTVs in the world.

Holy cow.

Ready to rock |  source

Ready to rock | source

The Mahindra Roxor: A Return to Form

New Jeeps are big and bloated. New UTVs are fragile and plastic. By contrast, the Roxor is a refreshingly simple piece of kit and a return to form for off-road machines.

At its heart lies a 2.5-liter turbodiesel four-cylinder engine, a 5-speed manual transmission, and switchable four-wheel drive. In technical terms, you’re looking at a direct-injection powerplant with 62 horsepower, 144 lb-ft of torque, and 18.6:1 compression. Underneath there’s a box steel frame suspended by leaf springs, full-floating front axles, semi-floating rear axles, and 3.73 gears at both ends. In layman’s terms, the Roxor is basically an old Jeep without all those pesky modern safety restrictions.

It’s everything we love about vintage Jeeps, and yet it’s something completely different.

The interior is spartan and purposeful, designed to be hosed down after a long weekend on muddy trails. It drives about how you’d expect a restored Jeep CJ to drive. That is to say, it isn’t what most people would take to church on Sunday, which is just as well since the Roxor is currently sold as a UTV for off-road use only, though there are ways to make a Roxor street legal in the United States.

The whole thing weighs just 3035 pounds, yet it can tow upwards of 3490 pounds with no modifications. Add in nearly 9” of ground clearance and enough articulation to give sporty UTVs a run for their money and the Roxor becomes an ideal jobsite workhorse, a trustworthy farmhand, and a killer trail rig all in one.

In the wild |  source

In the wild | source

Is the Mahindra Roxor the World’s Most Expensive UTV?

Not exactly.

The Mahindra Roxor is one of the world’s most expensive UTVs, coming in at just under $29,000 USD before taxes, setup, and fees. That falls short of the mighty Polaris RZR XP Turbo S, which starts at $27,499 but options out to well over $40,000.

The thing is, if you max out an XP Turbo S on the Polaris online configurator that involves getting duplicates of several parts and buying an unrealistic number of Polaris-branded drink coolers. Since it’s hard to draw the line between realistic add-ons that contribute to the vehicle’s capabilities and the outcome of buying the entire accessories catalog, it’s difficult to say whether the Roxor holds the official title of World’s Most Expensive UTV or not.

Either way, it’s pretty darn close.


How to Build a $30,000 UTV

You can see that staggering price for yourself by firing up the Build Your Roxor Online Configurator found on the official Roxor Offroad website. Here you’re greeted by several parts categories, ranging from windshields to enclosures and from wheels to winches; ticking every box leads to a maximum price (at the time of publishing) of $28,546.86.

Prepare to shell out even more dough to delve into Mahindra’s catalog of over 400 custom colors and designs, many of which can be previewed in the Roxor Styler app.

The Configurator doesn’t account for taxes, fees, and delivery charges, among other things. To take the Roxor’s price all the way we need to determine the out-the-door price of a maxed-out Mahindra Roxor at a powersports dealership.


This Isn’t Even its Final Price

In addition to taxes, freight, dealer fees, and registration fees, your local powersports dealer will charge extra to install things like the windshield wipers, sound bar, enclosed soft top, and locking differentials. It’s safe to say these items would add another $3,000 with ease, taking us well past the $30,000 price figure we talked about earlier.

The Roxor’s optional extras raise the price by over 81%, and once you’re out the door the base MSRP will most likely have been doubled. We imagine the Roxor’s curb weight would increase dramatically as well, thanks to Mahindra hiding gold bars under the seats and filling the gas tank with scorpion venom.

On that note, let’s look at what you get when you spend over $30,000 on a UTV.

Ain’t she a beauty?

Ain’t she a beauty?

2019 Mahindra Roxor: Optional Extras

For the most part, the accessories found in the Build Your Roxor Online Configurator fall into two distinct categories.

Bling Bling

If you’re currently wearing a camo coat, sitting on a camo sofa, and reading this article on a tablet with a camo case, allow me to make your day. To reach the Roxor’s maximum price you must wrap it in either Realtree or Mossy Oak camouflage, and you’ll be asked to shell out $1199.99 for the privilege of doing so. Sadly, that means the $899.99 Curtiss P-40 fighter wrap you were eyeing will have to take a backseat, and so will the svelte matte black hood decal with the ROXOR logo, a comparative steal at just $149.99.

Of course, nobody’s forcing you to put dark paint under that camo wrap.

The features of a maxed-out Roxor also include:

  • Camo-wrapped grill, $199.99

  • Fully-enclosed soft top, $1499.99

  • 40” KC lightbar, $499.99

You’ll also want to pick up an MTX all-weather Bluetooth sound bar ($299.99), a polycarbonate windshield with wipers ($1315.99), and a heater with optional defrost ($499.99). You may prefer the HD Bumper, Stinger, and D-Rings front bumper setup at $435.99, but if big ballin’ is your focus you better spring for the HD Bumper, Warn M8000 Winch, AGM Battery, and D-Rings configuration at a cool $1485.

I hope that price includes some wiring under the dash.

I hope that price includes some wiring under the dash.

Getup ‘n Go

All those creature comforts are well and good, but it’s the driveline improvements that make the biggest difference.

The 2019 Mahindra Roxor is offered with optional locking differentials, addressing one of the community’s biggest concerns with the original version of the Roxor from 2018. Choose between OX locking front and rear differentials with electric shifters and OX covers or Lunchbox front and rear differentials with Spartan lockers inside. Warn manual locking front hubs are optional as well. Opt for the aluminum wheels, BF Goodrich tires, spare tire, and tire mount for $1536 to complete the Roxor’s rugged exterior appearance.

Stick with the standard non-lockers for the authentic experience of off-roading in a minivan with mud tires.

Blue paint and camo? Nice try, tire cover.

Blue paint and camo? Nice try, tire cover.

Thirty G’s. Thirty Stacks. Thirty Large. Thirty Bills.

There are many things you could buy for $30,000, yet there’s bound to be someone out there who will saunter into their local powersports dealership and drop 30K on a UTV.

Our official advice to anyone considering a maxed-out Roxor is to save over $5,000 by finding all those parts on the aftermarket instead of buying them from Mahindra. We happen to have the widest variety of aftermarket Roxor parts anywhere on the web, and our store is growing every day.

Not only will that afford you a great degree of customization, you won’t have to endure the stress of deciding whether Realtree or Mossy Oak brings out your eyes better.

All said, the Roxor is an impressive machine that’s more truck than UTV, but is it really worth $30,000? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Dirt Legal can provide a title, tag, and registration to help make your Mahindra Roxor street legal anywhere in the United States.

Images sourced from Mahindra’s Build Your Roxor Online Configurator