Roxor Roundup: Every Detail on the First Roxor Event Ever

Fast Facts: Roxor Roundup

  • What: Make new friends and learn from instructors while wheeling your Roxor in Southern Appalachia.
  • When: Thursday, July 25th, 2019 – Sunday, July 28th, 2019
  • Where: 1749 Long Branch Road, Ranger, Georgia 30734 | Google Maps link
  • Cost: $80 per trail vehicle, $20 for spectators, $10 for overnight group members (age 12 and under free)
  • How to register: Sign up through the Roxor Roundup Eventbrite page

We’re less than one month away from the first ever Roxor-specific off-roading event in the country.

Roxor Roundup hopes to become the premier gathering of Mahindra Roxor owners in the southeastern United States. This year’s inaugural event will happen near Ranger, Georgia, an Appalachian town within driving range of Tennessee, Alabama, Southern Georgia, and the Carolinas.

It’s getting a lot of hype on social media for such a niche event, but if you’re like us you have a lot of questions before committing to attend. We’re not about to make a 12-hour drive from Southern Florida to drive around in a muddy field, after all.

So I spoke with Roxor Roundup founder and organizer Doug Wooten and did some additional research into the venue, the area, and the list of confirmed attendees.

Here’s what you can expect.

This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. For specific questions, contact Doug Wooten on Facebook.

Full send optional | Instagram

Roxor Roundup: The Nitty Gritty

First announced on the Mahindra Roxor Enthusiasts Facebook page, Roxor Roundup is the first-ever event designed specifically for the Mahindra Roxor. At the time of publishing Doug Wooten told me that about 50 people were showing strong interest with 25-30 drivers confirmed to be attending.

It Won’t Be Crowded

It’s difficult to judge how many people will actually show up to inaugural event like this. But based on the proximity to major cities like Chattanooga and Atlanta, I wouldn’t be surprised to see dozens of drivers along with their families and friends. And given the size of the venue, that would be just right.

Some people are driving a long way to be there: the second-furthest confirmed attendee is a Facebook user named John from Tampa, Florida, who sources say has wheeled his Roxor in epic places like Windrock Park, Tennessee. I say second-furthest because some of the Dirt Legal staff is coming from even farther away in the suburbs of Miami.

Take that, John.

It’s a Family-Friendly Event

In keeping with southern hospitality and general niceness, the event organizers want Roxor Roundup to be a family-friendly event. That means no boozing on the trails, no rowdy parties at camp, no littering or tearing up the grass, no streaking around by the light of the moon, and no trash-talking John when children are around.

You’re bound to make some new friends |  Instagram

You’re bound to make some new friends | Instagram

Less People = More Fun

Doug told me he intends to make Roxor Roundup an annual event if the first one is successful, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there needs to be a huge crowd – just a good one.

A smaller group size is better if you ask me. For starters, the trails won’t be clogged with endless lines of drunken weekenders trying to do the whole trail in 2WD for bragging rights. And since this is a family-friendly event on private land, you won’t have dirt bikes and UTVs flying up on you around every corner.

Because of the small group size, you’ll get more good wheeling time here than you would at most other events.

You’ll Get Personal Instruction

Not only that, a smaller group means more time with the instructors.

Doug and his crew are experienced event managers who often handle groups of over 500 people on a single day. They’re also seasoned off-roaders who have traveled the world in search of the best trails known to man.

That’s the premise of a television show called Real World 4x4 which you can check out here on YouTube. The star? None other than Doug Wooten. Who better to answer your off-roading questions or guide you through the trails than someone who’s wheeled all over the world?

It’s like if Harvard taught classes one-on-one.

Get your flex on |  On the Rox Fabrication

Get your flex on | On the Rox Fabrication

Roxor Roundup Is for New and Experienced Drivers Alike

Whether you’re a seasoned off-roader or a complete newbie, Doug and his crew will be on-hand to give you personalized instruction. They can also lead, follow, ride with you, or take you out on any difficulty of trail you want.

“I’ve had people who never put their truck in 4WD before, and by the end of the day they were doing trails like a natural.”

- Doug Wooten, Roxor Roundup organizer

The staff can also guide you through off-roading essentials like airing down, disconnecting sway bars, and handling rough terrain.

If this is truly your first rodeo, you’ll be glad to hear that the event’s main focus will be on guided trail rides led by Doug, his crew, and a local group of off-road enthusiasts called the Georgia Bounty Runners.

Of course, you can also go wheeling without a guide – they just ask that you stick to the trails and use your best judgement.

The Trails Are Old There, Older Than the Trees, Younger Than the Mountains, Blowing Like the Breeze

The southern end of the Appalachian Mountain Range is chock full of rolling hills, flowing streams, and dense deciduous forests. Northern Georgia has a unique beauty that’s hard to find anywhere else, and while I’ve never been to this venue before, given Doug’s credentials I’ll take his word that these are some of the best trails he’s ever seen.

A recent running of Sheriff’s Jeepfest in nearby Jasper, Georgia

Check out the video above from a recent running of Sheriff’s Jeepfest, where every year hundreds of Jeeps gather just miles from the Roxor Roundup event site. While those may not be the exact trails we’ll be running on, this video should give you a good idea of what you can expect from the terrain.

Just replace those 300+ Jeeps with Roxors, replace the stench of carburetors running rich with the sweet perfume of burning diesel, and you’ve pretty much got Roxor Roundup.

There Will Be Fun, Games, and Plenty of Food

Doug told me there will be an RTI ramp on hand – you know, one of these – so you can get your flex on and impress all your new friends. It will also show you the difference certain modifications can make, like disconnected sway bars versus connected or a 3” lift versus a 4-incher.

“Someone who’s been trail riding for 30 years will have a blast, and someone who’s been at it for 30 minutes will have a blast too.”

- Doug Wooten, Roxor Roundup organizer

It’s all thanks to a group of very experienced people and a very small crowd size.

Here are some highlights of Roxor Roundup:

  • Saturday’s lunch and dinner are provided

  • There’s an off-roading themed drive-in movie on Friday night

  • There will be door prizes awarded at Saturday’s dinner

  • Fishing, swimming, hiking, and cycling are all readily available

When you’re not wheeling, you’ll be free to enjoy the rolling hills and tree-covered hollows of the lower Appalachian Mountains. The onsite lake is perfect for rafting, swimming, or fishing.

According to climate data, temperatures at the event site in July rarely exceed 90° F during the day and usually hover around the mid-60s at night. And according to Doug, it’ll be perfect weather for camping.

There might be one or two of these…|  Dalton Ainsworth via Arkansas Car Spotters

There might be one or two of these…| Dalton Ainsworth via Arkansas Car Spotters

It’s (Technically) Not Just for Roxors

I don’t want to say this too loudly for fear of Roxor Roundup turning into Tacoma Tussle or Wrangler Rodeo, but Doug did tell me that if a few non-Roxors showed up they would be welcome too.

It might even be hard to tell the difference save for the blinding tire shine and endless droves of “If you can read this, flip me over” tire covers.

Personally, I’d love to park a Roxor and a few vintage Jeeps side by side and get a firsthand look at the similarities. Seeing a Roxor running a trail with an older Jeep would be pretty neat, too.

Whatever vehicle you bring will need to have a low-speed transfer case and four-wheel drive to make sure the trails don’t get too torn up. Regular UTVs and side-by-sides are not allowed.

An Automatic Roxor Will Be There

Along with providing Saturday’s lunch, Foothills Tractor out of Centre, Alabama will be bringing an automatic Mahindra Roxor A/T for test drives and ride-alongs, so if you’ve ever been curious about what a Roxor would be like to drive off-road without its best feature this is your chance to find out.

An official Mahindra representative will accompany the A/T to Roxor Roundup to answer any questions.

Note: Georgia Doesn’t Allow UTVs on Public Roads

Just a heads up, Georgia state law prohibits the use of UTVs on most public roads. Anyone who trailers their Roxor can park their tow rig on the property and drive their Roxor to the nearby town for supplies. And of course, any licensed, insured, and otherwise street legal Mahindra Roxor would be totally okay to drive on public roads.

If you’re bringing a truck, trailer, or RV, you can rest easy knowing the property is remote and gated with human security onsite to deal with any potential issues that may arise.

Try not to do that | Mahindra Thar via  Instagram

Try not to do that | Mahindra Thar via Instagram

The Trails Won’t Break Your Roxor

Unless you’re a complete buffoon, Roxor Roundup won’t see you ending up like the Mahindra Thar pictured above.

Doug assured me that a skilled driver could pilot a bone-stock Roxor on A/T tires through most of the trails, and he has personally completed every trail onsite with his personal Roxor outfitted as follows:

  • 33” tires

  • Front shackle reversal

  • Disconnected front sway bar

That’s it. No locking diffs, no skid plates, no rock sliders, no nothing.

Then again, Doug has a little more time and experience wheeling his Roxor than most of us, but he told me that even the most novice of off-roaders will be able to safely enjoy Roxor Roundup with no shame and no risk.

 “Even if you've never been off road, we can guide you to run these trails and not damage your vehicle.”

- Doug Wooten, Roxor Roundup organizer

If you’re ever in doubt, Doug and his team will look at your vehicle and advise you on which trails you can do. They can also give you a ride-along in their personal vehicle so you can see the best lines firsthand before trying the trails yourself.

There are plenty of trails that can be completed by a Roxor with stock suspension, stock A/T tires, and no protection plates without bashing the oil pan or any other critical bits. The more extreme trails are up to you – ones that risk body damage for even the most skilled Roxor drivers.

Overland kitted |  Instagram

Overland kitted | Instagram

Still, We Suggest Being Overprepared

How much you need to prepare depends on how serious you want to get.

  • Bone stock: A stock Roxor on A/T tires has decent ground clearance. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself while learning more about off-roading.

  • Light mods: If you’re planning on getting out of your comfort zone and taking some risks, we suggest coming equipped with rock sliders, aggressive tires, and skid plates at the oil pan, transfer case, and differentials.

  • Heavy mods: To be prepared for the hardest trails you’ll want a lift, lockers, and a winch to get yourself and others unstuck.

Regardless of your skill level, we always suggest bringing a toolkit and basic gear like a fire extinguisher and tire pressure gauge. Events like this are great because if you don’t have something you need, chances are someone else does and they will be happy to help you out.

With that said, if you have rock sliders and skid plates you will probably be overprepared for Roxor Roundup.

You can have a lot of fun without risking damage to your Roxor’s precious sheet metal, or you can go all out.

It’s all up to you.

Push it to the limit |  Camilo Castro  via  Mahindra Roxor Enthusiasts

Push it to the limit | Camilo Castro via Mahindra Roxor Enthusiasts

Roxor Roundup: Event Details

If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’re considering going to Roxor Roundup. If you skipped to this part, the phrase “Suck it, John” won’t mean anything to you.

Here’s what you need to know about the cost, schedule, and location of Roxor Roundup.

Cost and Pricing

Roxor Roundup costs $80 for trail vehicles, $20 for non-camping spectators (paid at the gate), and $10 for additional overnight group members. Children 12 and under get in free.

Here’s what the entry fee covers:

  • Camping

  • Parking on a secure gated property

  • Burgers and hot dog lunch on Saturday

  • Trophy-winning BBQ dinner on Saturday

  • Entry into the giveaway Saturday night

  • Unlimited access to all trails

  • Personal instruction opportunities

  • Bonfires, swimming, fishing, and outdoor activities

  • Free t-shirt (while supplies last)

  • Water and ice on-hand

Those prices sound steep until you consider that similar events in the Toyota, Nissan, and domestic truck communities usually cost way more than that. And not only will Roxor Roundup offer a smaller group size and more time with instructors, it’s on private land so the crowd will stay small. Doug assured me that all proceeds will go toward funding similar events in the future and to the landowner (for use of the land).

Giveaway: There will be a Roxor-themed giveaway during dinner on Saturday night with various vendors participating.

Additional fees: RV water and power hookups are $25 (6 available). Additional campsites will be assessed as needed. No extra charge for tow vehicles, trailers, or additional parked vehicles in your group.

T-Shirts: Contact Doug Wooten on Facebook to confirm your order. While supplies last.

At least one Mahindra Roxor A/T plans to attend Roxor Roundup |  Instagram

At least one Mahindra Roxor A/T plans to attend Roxor Roundup | Instagram

Event Schedule

Thursday, July 25, 2019: Early arrivals begin to set up camp. Those who arrive early can begin running trails. Bonfires and camaraderie at night.

Friday, July 26, 2019: Guided and unguided trail running begins in the morning. Bonfires and a movie at night.

Saturday, July 27, 2019: Guided and unguided trail running begins in the morning. Group lunch is provided with hamburgers and hot dogs. Group dinner is provided with award-winning local BBQ pork and chicken. An automatic Mahindra Roxor will be available for test drives and ride-alongs. Stations will be set up for testing articulation, airing up and down, and learning the basics of handling rocky terrain. Door prizes will be awarded after dinner.

Sunday, July 28, 2019: Cleanup and departure. Those who want to run trails early can do so.

Venue, Location, and Directions

Address: 1749 Long Branch Road, Ranger, Georgia 30734 | Google Maps link

The venue for Roxor Roundup is near the Chattahoochee National Forest and the Johns Mountain Wildlife Management Area, with the Talking Rock Wildlife Management Area also nearby. Expect well-maintained rocky dirt trails with plenty of tree cover.

Here are the distances from some major cities:

  • Atlanta, Georgia: 70 miles, 1.5 hours

  • Chattanooga, Tennessee: 70 miles, 1.5 hours

  • Knoxville, Tennessee: 140 miles, 2.5 hours

  • Birmingham, Alabama: 160 miles, 3 hours

  • Nashville, Tennessee: 200 miles, 3.5 hours

Hotels and Accommodations

Fairmount, GA is about 10 minutes south of the Roxor Roundup site. It offers fuel, a grocery store, a Subway restaurant, and a NAPA Auto Parts store.

Besides cabins, motels, and B&Bs which may appear on vacation rental sites, the nearest lodging is about 30 minutes away: to the east in Jasper and to the west in Calhoun. Both Jasper and Calhoun have a selection of hotels and motels.

A town of around 20,000 residents, Calhoun has all the creature comforts of home including grocery stores, auto parts stores, fast food, and a Walmart Supercenter.

You might even see some familiar faces |  Red, White, & Roxor

You might even see some familiar faces | Red, White, & Roxor

That’s What We Know About Roxor Roundup

I don’t know about you, but we’re pretty excited to attend the first ever Roxor-specific offroading event. For years we’ve been watching similar events for the Mahindra Thar in India, and if Roxor Roundup goes well, it could inspire others to create their own events all across the country. And though we cannot confirm rumors that Mahindra themselves will be in attendance, we’re confident they will be keeping a close eye on how everything goes.

If you have more questions or would like additional information, contact Doug Wooten on Facebook.

Cover image source: Instagram