This Impressive Mahindra Roxor Conquered the NORRA Rally

The Roxor is on everyone’s minds. What’s not to love about it?

Earlier this year, this beast of a Mahindra Roxor was created for rock crawling at low speeds and is what adventure seekers everywhere dream about. It was even in attendance at the NORRA Rally. What could be better than that?

What is the NORRA Rally?

The NORRA Rally features many modern and vintage vehicles. The race begins in Ensenada and runs to Cabo San Lucas. If you aren’t familiar with the races, they started during the final week of April 2019 and ran through the beginning of May.

You might think that NORRA is the same thing as SCORE, but it isn’t. Yes, SCORE also hosts the Baja 500, Baja 1000 and San Felipe 250, but these races revolve around winning. NORRA, on the other hand, is focused on the competition. It’s a lot less intense overall and provides a really cool atmosphere.

In a SCORE Baja 1000, you can expect most of the top teams to finish within 20 hours. During a NORRA Mexican 1000, the race will take a week. On top of that, all of the organizers will host one big party each night. It’s definitely the place to be if you are looking for some fun and excitement without the relative stress of regular competition racing.

Who Ran This Roxor at the NORRA Rally?

It turns out that Ned and Kat Bacon decided to take a Roxor racing in Baja this year. They ran their Roxor in the Pioneer 4x4 Class of the NORRA Mexican 1000. The Roxor raced as #61.

It is basically a stock vehicle with some upgrades. It sported some safety gear that’s required, Geolander mud tires, Mac’s cargo straps, a Warn winch, KC light bar, PRP seats and a Spartan rear locker. The speed limiter was also removed. Thanks to Vivid Racing, this Roxor now goes well over its stock speed limit of just 45 mph.

Mahindra was actually one of the corporate partners joining the Bacons in the endeavor. There was a long list of others helping them out as well. Yokohama Tire provided their Geolander M/T G003s while the Pull Pal winch anchor was sure to help them get out of a few jams along the way.

With leaf springs in the rear and front, Mr. Bacon believes this Roxor closely resembles earlier NORRA racers. We agree that he is must have had quite the authentic experience during the 1,000-mile ride off-road trip in his tiny Jeep.

Thankfully, the Bacons already completed in NORRA Mexican 1000 races before with other vehicles before doing one in a Roxor. They’ve also taken the Roxor to the Sonora Rally, so we are sure they understood full well what was in store for them at a race such as this.

No matter what they drive, the Bacons always have a great spirit. Their goal is always to have fun and enjoy the ride, not look for placement on the podium. That’s a team we can get behind!

So, how did they do?

Truly, nobody can tell this story better than the Bacons themselves. Check out the two-part series from the official Roxor staff blogger, Alicia, over at Roxor Offroad’s website.

We won’t spoil anything except to tell you they made it to the finish line!

Roxor at NORRA Part 1 | Roxor at NORRA Part 2

Roxor Parts and License Plates

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