Roxor Weekly 2/9: Rocks, Water, and Mud

Whether it’s bone stock or modified it to the hilt, the Mahindra Roxor is an extremely capable machine.

It’s fully capable of flooding the cabin well before the engine stops breathing, and it can tow thousands of pounds more than its own weight. The Roxor is a docile off-roader in stock form, and with some tasty aftermarket parts it becomes a menacing mud machine that will intimidate every Jeep and ATV at the local trails. Take it a step further, with some world-class ingenuity and tons of elbow grease, and the Roxor transforms into an off-road beast capable of taking on the world-famous challenge known as King of the Hammers.

The Roxor is a UTV unlike any other. Sound too good to be true? Here’s video evidence.

This is Roxor Weekly.

Mahindra Roxor vs. a Small Lake

For anyone who doubts the off-road prowess of a stock Roxor, check out this bone-stock example fording water so high that it gets in the cab!

YouTuber CbrSeth recently uploaded this video of a Roxor fording a puddle so deep that the bumpers, exhaust, and grill hit the water. Thanks to the Roxor’s breather located high in the engine bay, it makes it out no problem, even after the driver reverses back into the puddle to make sure everything got good and wet a second time. Forget UTVs, how many stock cars can do that?!

If you’re not one for leaving things stock, don’t worry, you’re in good company.

Project WOODRAT Gets Really Muddy

With its LED halo headlights and super-meaty tires, this Roxor looks properly menacing on a cloudy Southern day.

But it’s not all about looking good – it’s about walking the walk. As Red, White, & Roxor explains in the intro to this video, this mud might not look like much, but looks can be deceiving; this pit would easily stop a lesser vehicle in its tracks. But the mighty WOODRAT can wade through muck and mire with ease, and it even cuts through a couple mud puddles in two-wheel drive without breaking a sweat.

To be fair, those insane tires would probably make a lifted Prius look like a Jeep on a trail, but not only does the Roxor burn good old-fashioned diesel fuel, it can idle through just about any obstacle without even hitting the gas.

Try that in a hybrid.

Epic Drone Montage of a Lifted Roxor

Project WOODRAT was the first of its kind, with a 4” lift kit and those hefty BKT tires, and as you saw in this article’s cover photo other people are starting to catch on to how awesome this setup is.

But there can only be one original, and this epic drone montage from Red, White, & Roxor is the best cure for complacency we’ve ever seen. This video singlehandedly motivated some of the Dirt Legal team to plan an off-road adventure of their own, solid evidence that a lifted Roxor can change the world.

For those of you with stock Roxors, most of what you see in this video can be done with stock tires and stock ground clearance. On the other hand, what you’re about to see can not.

Can a Roxor Win at King of The Hammers 2019?

In the world of modified Roxors, this one takes the cake.

We’ve been excited about this Roxor project from Jesse Haines Fabrication ever since we got word of it before its world debut at the 2018 SEMA event. It’s crazy to see a bone-stock Roxor transformed into something that can take on the legendary King of the Hammers, a grueling challenge that’s notorious for defeating some of the most well-prepared off-road machines in the world. If you’ve never heard of KOH, here’s a crash course.

What goes into prepping a Roxor for KOH? We’re talking full locking diffs, portal axles, Trail-Gear wheels, Maxxis Razr M/T tires, tons of fabrication, and a custom-tuned ECU pumping out 120 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque. That’s a big improvement over the stock hardware, something the Roxor’s 2.5-liter diesel engine, box steel chassis, and Jeep-like body are proud to be a part of.

How did this phenomenal Roxor fare against world-class off-roaders? Stay tuned to find out.

Roxor Accessories Rundown with RWR

It takes a certain kind of crazy to build a Roxor into a KOH-ready rock crawler. Even the extensive modifications of Project WOODRAT may go beyond what you intend to do with yours, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had in a Roxor that’s closer to stock.

Check out this video that goes over the latest additions to the Mahindra parts catalog by none other than Red, White, & Roxor himself. The 2019 Mahindra Roxor tops out at over $30,000 fully optioned, and it’s no surprise that most of that expense comes from high-quality off-road-capable accessories like Bilstein shock absorbers, solid half doors, Lunchbox locking differentials, and a 2” receiver hitch. If you don’t feel like paying OEM prices, check out the wide selection of Roxor parts in our Roxor Store.

As a bonus, RWR threw some extra mudding footage into this video – just in case you were still on the fence about modding your Roxor.

Heater Mods Tested in Canada

Among the most practical aftermarket parts for a Roxor is a heater, because it’s hard to have fun off-road or concentrate on the day’s work when your teeth are chattering and your face is freezing off.

We’re not huge fans of the Roxor’s stock heater. It has inherent limitations that reduce airflow, not to mention it doesn’t give you much control over where the air actually goes. YouTuber TlcBister has come up with some solutions for these problems, and this video shows that with some simple changes to the OEM heater box and some easy wiring to add in a three-speed switch, you can increase airflow and improve defrosting across the board.

Follow along to make these changes for yourself. If you don’t have a heater yet, check out our custom-made Roxor heater kit that uses quality parts from Vintage Air. Why not throw some seat warmers in while you’re at it? You’re practically driving a Mercedes at that point.

Roxor Pulls a Big Rig out of the Mud

This week’s last video proves once again that even a stock Roxor can do some pretty awesome stuff.

We’re not entirely sure what led to this semi being stuck in the mud outside Blackmans Cycle Center in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, but one thing’s for sure: it wasn’t going anywhere on its own. Instead of tearing up the yard, the crew enlisted the help of a trusty Mahindra Roxor from right off the showroom floor, and with no apparent modifications it pulled both semi and trailer free from the mud. The only drama was a few chirps from the Roxor’s stock tires.

What other SXS can do that?!

Oh Canada. Courtesy of @ cycleworkscalgary

Oh Canada. Courtesy of @cycleworkscalgary

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