Roxor Weekly 2/17: Mud, Crocs, and a T-Shirt Giveaway

This weekend: a man loses his Crocs, a Northern snow is plowed aggressively, a Roxor wears a dump pipe, and the Internet gives clothing away for free.

This is Roxor Weekly.

What does it take to get a lifted Roxor stuck?

Today on Red, White, & Roxor, Project Woodrat takes on the same Louisiana mud pit we saw a few weeks ago, except this time things get even soggier. To prove that we’re talking about serious mud here, Ryan trudges through it on foot and immediately loses his trademark Crocs underneath the watery slop.


As his Roxor tracks along on those aggressive BKT tires and a towering 4” lift, it leaves ruts nearly a foot deep in the soggy Southern mud. About six minutes into the video, after multiple passes at the same mud pit, the Woodrat finally lands on its frame and gets stuck. With half the differentials, half of the 35” tires, and all the leaf springs buried in the muck, the search begins for any method of self-recovery.

Ryan’s first thought was to use the stock Warn winch and a tree saver strap to winch off the big tree near the road, but there’s a barbed wire fence in the way. No big deal, he simply ties the strap high enough on the tree that the line won’t hit the fence. With cameras rolling and mud flying, the Roxor extracts itself from the mud pit in record time. Those 35” tires weren’t helping too much with the extraction, as they were packed solid with mud by the end of the run.

Believe it or not, this is actually a pretty good example of what the Roxor is capable of with non-intrusive modifications. This Roxor isn’t chipped, re-geared, or sporting fancy locking differentials – just a few of the things people often think they need when the going gets tough. Of course, those things would certainly help. Recovery tracks would have helped too, but then again, people don’t usually carry an entire overlanding kit when they‘re off-roading on their own property.

Crisis averted.

Here’s how to make extra money using your Mahindra Roxor

Viewers be warned: this video contains graphic footage of plowing.

As someone who’s never plowed snow in their life, there’s something extremely alluring about the way this Western Impact snow plow moves around on the front of TlcBister’s Roxor. It seems so satisfying to turn either side of the plow in or out, creating either a concave or convex plowing surface across the front. I have to imagine that’s a pretty neat setup in the world of plowing, and it certainly makes quick work of all the heavy Northern snow in this video.

Watching this makes me want to move to a small town in Alaska, get a Roxor and a plow, and live out my days as the local snow plower. It would be my duty to free all the nice old ladies from their homes so they could drive to another part of rural Alaska to do whatever rural Alaskans do. Probably ride some snowmobiles and hunt some bears, or ride snowmobiles while hunting bears, or hunt bears from helicopters while being chased by people on snowmobiles, all before running the entire Iditarod with the family dogs for the sheer fun of it.

I’ve never been to Alaska.

How does a Roxor sound with straight exhaust?

To remind everyone of warmer times, here’s what a straight piped Roxor sounds like on a warm afternoon in Gilbert, Arizona.

The dump pipe on this Roxor is currently under development by Vivid Racing. “Dump pipe” means this exhaust comes out the side, straight off the turbo, just behind the passenger’s axle. But this gnarly exhaust isn’t just for looks.

In this video, dyno testing indicates that a 2.25” full exhaust out the back of the Roxor delivers the same performance as a 2.5” dump pipe. The real kicker is that the 3” dump pipe delivers noticeably higher power and torque figures, and the sound on both dump pipes is absolutely fantastic when compared to a conventional exhaust system. You can really hear the turbo coming through, just as God intended.

Enter to Win a T-Shirt from Red, White, & Roxor

The Roxor community has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year. A major part of that growth has been the dedicated group of YouTubers who post content on a regular basis. These are people who love bringing the world along for their shenanigans, regular folks who are passionate about helping others get the most out of their machines, and it’s always great to see that hard work turn into loyal subscribers.

One channel in particular, Red, White, & Roxor, has just surpassed 1,000 subscribers! To celebrate, the man behind the camera, Ryan, is giving away some custom-made Roxor t-shirts designed by him and his fiancé. Check out the video to see the design. The front has the channel name, and the back has Ryan’s home state of Louisiana along with a slogan we can all agree with: MAKE MANUALS GREAT AGAIN. Certain companies really need to hear that these days!

To enter to win, simply send an email to Projectwoodrat at gmail dot com with the subject T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY after subscribing to the Red, White, & Roxor YouTube channel. Winners will be picked at random, and the only requirement is that all winners must be residents of the continental United States. Watch the video for more information.

This hits the nail on the head! Courtesy of @ wildhorseharleydavidson

This hits the nail on the head! Courtesy of @wildhorseharleydavidson

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