Roxor Weekly 2/25: The Best Things in Life

Getting old is something we all loathe, but until modern medicine creates a pill that makes us all immortal it’s something we just have to live with.

That’s all the more reason to live every moment to the fullest. Sometimes that means spending quality time with family and friends, other times it’s working toward that elusive day when the project car is finally complete and loving every minute of chasing that dream. For gearheads, some of the best moments are when our family and friends share in our love of vehicles, and while internal combustion may be on its way out, that hasn’t stopped a new generation from inheriting that enthusiasm right before our eyes.

This is Roxor Weekly.

Roxor Family Fun in Texas

If your idea of a great afternoon is a relaxing ride through the woods – just you, the family, and your Roxor – this one’s for you.

This family adventure in Texas looks like a perfect way to spend a winter’s afternoon. Backed by the familiar sounds of Dierks Bentley and Phillip Phillips, along with tunes by JD McPherson and Grain Thief, this video is a reminder that off-roading isn’t just about who has the tallest lift kit and the biggest mud tires. Sometimes a leisurely stroll through the woods is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Big Things are Coming for Project Woodrat

When the doctor does order the biggest tires and the tallest lift kit, one name immediately comes to mind: Project Woodrat, the brainchild of Youtuber Red, White, & Roxor.

Consisting of only bolt-on accessories, Woodrat is the de facto standard for modified Roxors. For anyone wondering what’s left to do to a Roxor that’s sitting on BKT mud tires, Fuel wheels, and a 4” lift kit, this latest video showcases a slew of upgrades that are either on the workbench or on the books for Project Woodrat.

If the shackles, LED lights, and a few spools of wire didn’t give it away, you can look forward to seeing the Woodrat doing a lot more pushing and pulling in the very near future. Also in store are upgraded axles and driveline components, though that’s probably going to have to wait until after the wedding. Congratulations Ryan!

Stay tuned for some vintage tractor content as Ryan works on his John Deere later in the video.

Check Out This 2019 Mahindra Roxor in Silver

It’s safe to say we’ve all seen a Mahindra Roxor before, but something our staff hadn’t seen is this gorgeous shade of silver – and it’s safe to say we’ve fallen in love.

This custom color is one of the 4,000+ style options available on the Mahindra Roxor for 2019, many of which you can play with on the Build Your Roxor online configurator. It’s part of why the Roxor now maxes out at over $30,000, but rest assured, paint is one of the cheapest options you can select.

We’re not sure why this color looks so good to our eyes. Maybe it’s something about watching this Roxor plow through deep snow in full view of the public, right outside Vern Eide Honda is Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with wheels spinning and snow flying. Maybe it’s because this Roxor flies under the radar: it already looks like a Jeep to the general public, and in a subtle color like silver it hardly attracts any attention to people who aren’t in the know. Whatever the reason, we think this Roxor looks extra snazzy. Do you agree?

Mahindra Thar Navigates a Rough Road

This short video features an Indian-market Mahindra Thar navigating a narrow path that’s chock full of jagged rocks. This is not something you’d want to do in a brand-new Cherokee but the Roxor’s cousin handles it with ease. The cameraperson seems to enjoy the sight, and we’re sure that road is steeper and more menacing in person than it is on camera.

The Thar in this video is wearing a snorkel, which suggests it’s been subjected to more difficult terrain before, though as we saw a few weeks ago even a stock Roxor can ford some serious water without any drama at all.

11-Year-Old Drives a Roxor and Shoots an AR-15

Youtuber Arizona 1266 is an inspiration to us all.

We’ve already seen him earn Father of the Year by teaching his son Ricky to drive stick on the family Roxor. This week Ricky is back again, except this time he’s packing heat.

To some eyes, the sight of a youth firing an AR-15 from the hood of a Roxor would be cause for concern. For us, it’s a reminder of how simple life was when we were young. Trust me Ricky, it’s a game changer to have to buy your own guns and ammo. Enjoy it while you can!

For anyone who’s still worried, the video description explains that Arizona 1266 is a former firearms instructor who’s been around guns all his life. Ricky is taking all the necessary safety precautions for both driving and shooting, and his driving takes place in low-traffic off-road areas. Arizona 1266 also explains his reasons for teaching Ricky this particular set of skills:

“I try to teach my kids 3 things as soon as possible. 1st is how to swim. Of 5 kids one learned at just over 18 months, the slowest at 5. The next thing is how to shoot and with the strictest safety practices. Helps that I used to be a firearms instructor and been around guns all my life. 3rd, how to drive. I start them off as soon as they can reach the controls. What do all the 3 things have in common? Three things that can get them killed. The 3 things we think would never happen. Of the 3 things drowning and vehicle accidents by far kill more children under 18. Firearms is something not for everyone but we do. Three things that all seem to be connected with curiosity, lack of experience, knowledge and practice. There are much more things to teach them but these 3 skills are the 3 skills which can save their lives and seconds count.”

He goes on to say, “[It’s Ricky’s] 2nd time getting some driving in and shooting larger firearms. Mk18mod1 semi shooting at 250 meters with a red dot sight, no magnification. That bipod sure is easy to use on the hood of the Roxor.” The video ends with some on-highway footage of this Roxor which is street legal in Arizona.

I’m calling it right now, “That bipod sure is easy to use on the hood of the Roxor” is one of the best lines of 2019.

If you want some fancy firepower for your Roxor, check out the Guns and Gin section of our Roxor Store.

Another gorgeous color combo for the Roxor. Courtesy of @ hdfargo

Another gorgeous color combo for the Roxor. Courtesy of @hdfargo

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