Roxor Weekly 1/11: Mudding, Plowing, and a Giveaway

Well people, we’re officially into the new year. There’s no longer an excuse for saying 2018 in reference to the current year, but there’s every reason to say “last year” when talking about something that literally just happened.

Hey man, I think I left my coat at your house last year.

Boss, I set those papers on your desk last year…

Oh my God babe, we’re drinking last year’s milk!

As you can see, comedy gold comes in all shapes and sizes. Know who else has a sense of humor? Mahindra. They think they can just walk right into the North American market and start selling one of the world’s most expensive UTVs like it ain’t no thing.

In related headline news, it’s way cheaper to buy the parts yourself than to pay Mahindra to do it for you. It’s also cheaper to cut your own wrenches instead of buying them and to plow your own roads instead of waiting for the government to get around to it. Want video evidence?

This is Roxor Weekly.

Aftermarket Parts: Our Store is Growing

If you have enough mechanical aptitude to sharpen a pencil without breaking it, you’re fully capable of customizing your Roxor however you want. Save thousands off Mahindra’s asking price with the aftermarket parts in our Roxor Store.

How Expensive is a Fully-Spec’d Roxor in 2019?

Watch as YouTuber abiez builds the world’s most expensive Roxor in the Build Your Roxor online configurator.

For its first year of production, the Mahindra Roxor didn’t exceed about $20,000 unless you lived in Canada or got taken to the woodshed by your dealership. Clearly not satisfied with that, Mahindra has upped their game for 2019 and the Roxor now tops out at a whopping $29,076 before taxes, dealer fees, and delivery charges. The out-the-door price on this fully-dressed model would easily exceed $30,000. Thirty grand! For a UTV!!!

That makes this not only the most expensive Roxor ever made, but it puts the Mahindra Roxor in the running for the most expensive UTV in the world.

Admittedly, the bulk of the expense comes from accessories that you could buy elsewhere for much cheaper than Mahindra will sell them to you. You could shave several thousand dollars off that asking price by simply buying and installing those parts yourself. Then again, if you’re ballin’ enough to throw down 30 stacks at your local UTV dealership, time is money.

Speaking of building your own…

Aggressive Offroading: Project WOODRAT

If you’re a follower of Roxor Weekly and Roxor videos in general, you’re no stranger to the name Red, White, & Roxor.

Last week we got a sneak peek of the wheels and tires Ryan put on this build, and today we’ve been treated to the (nearly) final product. This build is starting to look seriously mean.

Project WOODRAT is sitting on one of our complete 4” lift kits, massive 35” off-road tires, and a shiny black set of Fuel wheels. It’s a super aggressive combo that looks like it would handle mud, sand, and loose terrain without any problems, and Ryan says it drives well considering how absolutely crazy this setup is.

The full parts list:

Ryan also vented the axles more effectively, added side steps, and is pioneering a way to space the front bumper for extra clearance.

More to come!

Service Tip: Easy Alternator Adjustments

YouTuber TlcBister was out plowing snow with his Roxor recently and came across this handy tip for adjusting a Roxor’s alternator.

The way the stock alternator is positioned, you’d either need a tiny wrench, an S wrench, or a pass-through socket set to adjust it. But if you’re the practical sort, the type who would sooner jump off a bridge than buy a $30,000 Mahindra Roxor, why buy what you could make yourself? TlcBister simply cut a regular box wrench down to size, and away he went.

That’s the kind of resourcefulness we like to see!

Service Tip: Practical Plowing

Turns out TlcBister is full of ingenuity. This short video shows one of the side effects of installing a snow plow on your Roxor.

If you’re in a snowy part of the world, you might feel a strong desire to plow with your Roxor. That’s all well and good, but problems can arise when you find yourself plowing in tight spaces.

Left on its stock settings, the Roxor’s tires will rub on the plow’s mounting bracket inside the wheel wells. Thankfully, it’s easy to adjust your Roxor’s turning radius as Red, White, & Roxor showed us last year. This simple adjustment makes repositioning much easier, leading to smoother plowing until the job is done.

When you’re finished plowing for the season, simply reverse the changes and everything goes back to normal.

Decisions, decisions. Courtesy of  @TlcBister

Decisions, decisions. Courtesy of @TlcBister

Roxor Weekly

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Cover image source: Instagram @tlcbister