Roxor Weekly 1/18: Aliens, Awards, Roxbox, and WOODRAT

There are certain unwritten rules that everyone understands. You don’t pass gas on an elevator, you don’t go to Vegas without getting an In-n-Out hamburger, and if you have no proof that something happened, despite having all the world’s technology at your fingertips, it basically didn’t happen.

You could claim to have seen a badass Roxor at an auto show or to have built one yourself. You could say you discovered an alien language. You could even claim to be the first person in the world to ever do something, but without evidence to prove it – preferably in high-definition video format – you’re pretty much a one-armed guy telling a fishing story over a crackling campfire.

The YouTubers featured in this article have all seen or done something cool, and they had a camera in their hands to prove it.

This is Roxor Weekly.

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What You’re About to See May Disturb You

Avid YouTuber and Roxor grandmaster Abiez recently noticed some strange markings on the 2019 Mahindra Roxor. Most of them weren’t there on the 2018 models. What do these inscriptions mean? Who put them there? What is their purpose?

Do you think the Roxor has become this popular by sheer chance? Take your blindfold off! It’s all part of an orchestrated effort by extra-terrestrials, the end goal of which is still unknown but is likely to shake the very foundations of what it means to be human. It’s no secret that aliens have been present on this planet for thousands of years. Just look at the pyramids of Giza, the stones of Stonehenge, or the fact that we’re still not sure where corn came from.

Conspiracy theorists will say these markings indicate that the Roxor’s parts were touched by human hands and were individually confirmed to meet production standards during the assembly process, a welcome display of quality control that’s not often found in the automotive industry. I’m here to tell you that’s a load of new-age hogwash.

The truth will set you free.

The First Mahindra Roxor to Drive on a Freeway (?)

I’m pretty sure somewhere in the Constitution it says that the first person to upload video evidence of something is actually the first person to have ever done it. That makes YouTuber Arizona 1266 the first person to ever drive a Roxor on the freeway, which in turn makes him an American hero.

Since the driver doesn’t appear to be losing control and careening into the nearest concrete divider, it’s safe to say that the Mahindra Roxor is fully capable of traveling at highway speeds. Longtime enthusiasts and readers of the Dirt Legal blog already know that the Roxor can go well over 70 MPH once you remove that pesky speed limiter or tune the ECU.

If you piloted a Roxor on the highway before this week, I respect your decision to avoid the limelight. Fame is a monster that not everyone is prepared to tame. And while the actual title of this achievement is a little more complicated, you heard it here first:

YouTuber Arizona 1266 is officially the first person to claim to be the first person to drive a Mahindra Roxor on the freeway.

It’s not much, but we hope you will accept this humble award commemorating your achievement.

Detroit Auto Show News: The Roxbox Concept

The gents at TFL Offroad are at the Detroit Auto Show as we speak, and they’ve come across one of the most impressive UTV models of the modern age: the Mahindra Roxor Roxbox Concept.

This concept vehicle shows off a load of new accessories coming to market for the Roxor in the near future – pending public approval, of course. The first one we see in this video is a brand-new truck-like bed at the Roxor’s rear, complete with folding mesh sides and a slide-out tool shelf for all your jobsite necessities. This transforms the Roxor from a sporty and capable UTV to a heavy-lifting workhorse in a class all its own.

Throughout the video we’re also treated to an electric dump trailer, a hardtop roof, a very 90s splash paint job, and a 360-degree light bar setup from KC HiLites. When you combine these improvements with the 2019 model’s bigger brakes and optional locking differentials, it becomes clear that the Roxor is finally coming into its own.

Tech Update: Project WOODRAT

In case you missed last week’s big reveal, Project WOODRAT is the brainchild of YouTuber Red, White, & Roxor. This beast is sitting on super-aggressive 35” tires, Fuel wheels, and one of Dirt Legal’s comprehensive 4” lift kits.

This video goes over what you can expect out of a setup like this, from clearance figures to what rubs and what doesn’t.

For starters, your butt is now sitting 3 ½ feet off the ground. The transfer case has well over a foot of clearance, the axles have 15”, and the front diff has about a foot. Considering those are the lowest parts of a Roxor, after all the work that’s been done Project WOODRAT is getting pretty close to most high-travel performance UTVs in terms of ground clearance.

Not to mention the breather is well over 4’ off the ground, meaning you could ford a pretty deep body of water before encountering any issues.

If you’re considering lifting your Roxor, stay tuned past the six-minute mark to see the WOODRAT doing some proper flexing, and to see all the limitations you might encounter when pushing this setup to the extreme.

Roxor Weekly

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