Dirt Legal's Street-Legal Go Kart

Dirt Legal Presents: The World’s First Street Legal Go Kart Kit!

Okay, I have to brag for a second. We just got done building this street legal go kart, and it is SO F*KING AWESOME that we decided to build more of them. AND THE FIRST ONE IS FOR SALE RIGHT NOW. We’re going to start selling more of them soon, so scroll to the bottom to learn more about how to get one and of course, why the title of this post is such an exciting thing for us!

You know you want to... I mean, just look at it:


This thing is an absolute blast in the sand! Not only that, it goes 40 miles per hour so you can drive it all over town. It handles like it’s on rails, and between the handling and the looks, it’s a proper miniature version of one of the coolest cars of all time. That’s why we’re calling it…

The Baby Ariel Atom

In a minute we’ll talk about how you can buy one of these directly from Dirt Legal, and why it’s legal to drive one on public roads. But first, let me show you around the features. With its pointed nose and angry eyes, and the red and black paint, this thing looks like a cross between Batman’s golf cart and Satan’s dune buggy.

Ariel Atom Street Legal Go Kart

Sexy tube frame chassis. That’s there to keep you safe, but it’s also there to give the kart some structural rigidity. That means it can take a corner faster than a hyena chasing a BC Tacos food truck.

22-inch knobbies. We’re in Florida, which is one of the 50 best states for cruising around in a street legal go kart. You can’t go far around here without hitting a beach, and I’m not sure why you would want to. In most go karts the fun would end when the road ends, but this one is totally different.

Two-wheel chain drive. It can rip through sand, mud, or even snow… not that we have any of that around here, but I have to say, this baby would look pretty cool in Colorado. It has hydraulic disc brakes too, so you can stop as fast as you can go.

Racing seats. Because if your seats don’t fit your need, you’re doing it wrong. This kart is made to be used, so hose it down after a day at the beach, it won’t mind a bit.

Nimble size. You can fit this street legal go kart in places normal cars can’t go. The whole thing is pretty small, as you’re about to see:

Bet you weren’t expecting  that .

Bet you weren’t expecting that.

Small Kart, Big Power

Motive power comes from a single-cylinder 150cc GY6 engine making 550 horsepower… just kidding, but since the whole kart weighs less than 700 pounds, it doesn’t take big power to make it go fast.

It’s a four-stroke, so you don’t have to worry about having to mix oil and gas. It has electric start, so you won’t look like you’re firing up a weed eater when you pick up your girl. It has reverse, so you don’t have to worry about where you park it. It has four-point harnesses, which are so convenient I bet you didn’t even notice that guy was wearing one. Speaking of safety, it has roll bars on both sides, so you and your lady friend will be fine if things get a little too crazy.

And things are guaranteed to get crazy that night, because girls love a street legal go kart 😉

Is That a Florida License Plate?!

Is That a Florida License Plate?!

It sure is! That’s because we’re specialists in making anything street legal – go karts, golf karts, dirt bikes, UTVs – you name it, we can put a plate on it. We sell all the horns, blinkers, and other parts you need to convert your own vehicle, and we handle all the DMV paperwork and hoops to get you a license plate and registration without you even having to leave your sofa.

With these mini Atoms though, we’re doing something a bit different.

Florida Street Legal Go Kart

First Ever Street Legal Go Kart Kit

For the first time anywhere, Dirt Legal will be offering these karts as a complete road-legal kit shipped right to your door, anywhere on Earth. That means you can buy a fully street legal go kart, complete with all the hardware you need to drive on public roads and a license plate, title, and registration! No hoops and no hidden clauses – just you, a go kart, and the open road.

You’ll need some basic mechanical know-how to put on couple easy things like the blinkers, wheels, and horn, but if you own a set of wrenches and a couple screwdrivers you’re already over halfway there.

We were getting our feet wet with the one in the pictures, and since it turned out so well we’ve decided to start making them full-time. The first one is for sale right now – we’ll edit this post when it sells, so if you’re reading this and you want that exact go kart, complete with some fresh Florida sand, get in touch with us before someone else does!

Legal Go Kart

What’s the Catch?

There isn’t one! We’re not trying to fool anyone: a big part of this go kart is manufactured in Asia, but don’t let that worry you. We vetted dozens of shippers and manufacturers to find one that would deliver a high-quality product every time. We extend a six-month warranty from them to you, so if anything breaks or shows up broken at your doorstep, we’ve got you covered.

And since this go kart isn’t really an Ariel Atom, you won’t pay an Ariel Atom price. We’re selling the first one right now in Florida for $4777 OBO and we expect it to go fast!

We’ll make another post once we get the first few on the road, but if you want to get in on the ground floor with custom colors, upgraded parts, and more, give us a call today!