6 Reasons You Need to Make Your Dirt Bike Street Legal

You know that feeling when your friends are going out to ride around town and you can't go with them because you only have a dirt bike?

If you had a street legal dirt bike, you would have no idea what I'm talking about.

Dirt riding is an awesome part of motorcycle culture, one we’re proud to have right in our name. I don’t need to tell you how awesome dirt bikes are, but it's no secret that riding a dirt bike on the road is highly illegal if you don't have a license plate, insurance, and all the proper equipment.

It can be done but the risk is huge – you could lose your bike, your license, and a ton of money.

Don’t make that bet.

There are plenty of obvious reasons why a street legal dirt bike is an awesome thing to have in your arsenal of gas-powered weaponry, so let’s count down the top reasons you should make your dirt bike street legal.

It’s Better than Tinder, Facebook, or Meet My Dog

It’s a fact of life: bikes bring people together. Even if you don’t know a single person on Earth you’re going to have tons of friends within the first 2 weeks of riding on the street.

And f**k finding love on Tinder, meet someone who rides… or just fall in love with your bike.



Go Anywhere, Anytime

Ever pull into the McDonald's parking lot when you meant to pull into Taco Bell? In a car you'd have to get back on the road to make the switch. Not on a dirt bike.

Of course, we can't legally support you hopping curbs… or cutting medians or riding epic wheelies on public roads. So yeah, don’t do stoppies, don’t find random jumps all around town, no sliding, and NO BURNOUTS. NO HOONING! We mean it 😉

Supermoto Rolling Burnout

Customize to Your Heart’s Content

A street legal dirt bike is the Swiss Army knife of motorcycles.

They’re so versatile and can conquer all sorts of terrain with ease. A street legal dirt bike opens up a whole new world of convenience. Ride it to work, class, downtown, down a dirt road, or across the country.

Friends are doing some motocross this weekend? Ride there, get muddy, and ride home. Other friends are doing a track day this weekend? Like, on pavement? Throw on some street tires and get your knee down.

But not only can you build a functional machine, you can make a damn good looking one too.

Form and Function

With a street legal dirt bike you have the chance to design something that reflects your personality. Knobbies, street tires, wrapping, hydro dipping, custom fairings, bar risers, exhaust… you have the power to produce a bike that doesn’t look like anybody else’s, anywhere, with a flavor that’s uniquely yours.

In no time flat, you’ll be breaking necks all over town and on the trails.

Two Bikes in One

With a street legal dirt bike you won’t have to switch over to your street bike – you’re already on it!

Pick up some quick-change axles, find a spare set of wheels, throw some knobbies on them, and boom – you can go from street to mud in under 30 minutes. Leave ‘em on until the next time you want to ride the street, switch over to your street tires, and boom – thirty minutes later you’re on a street legal dirt bike.

If you’re lucky enough to have several bikes, you know there’s an adjustment period when switching between them, especially from street to dirt or vice versa. If you have a street legal dirt bike it’s like having two bikes in one.

You already have an intimate connection with your bike from riding it on dirt. You know its power delivery and handling, and if you take that to the street or a paved track you’ll be way ahead of where you’d be if you had to learn a different bike.

We strongly support the dream of owning as many bikes as possible, but we also know that's not always possible. When you've sold your car, your furniture, your clothes, your Xbox, and your sticker bomb fairings, and all you're left with is one bike, you'll be thankful it's a street legal dirt bike.

KTM Life

More Money, Less Problems

Since you no longer need a stable full of bikes to do all the riding you want, you’re saving money right off the bat. Here's another one.

What do you drive every day? A truck? A 5-liter ‘Stang? Unless it's a moped, there's no way it gets the kind of gas mileage a bike gets. Switching your daily to a street legal dirt bike means you'll get more than twice the MPGs you normally get.

Not to mention if you hoon around in a car the same way you hoon around on your bike, that 20 MPG commuting average goes waaaaay down. Have all the fun you want on your bike and you’ll still get 40+ MPG. How would you like to spend less than half of your current gas bill every month?

Multiply that out and the money you spent on a license plate and registration will pay for itself very quickly, not to mention you’ll get over 500 Smiles Per Gallon everywhere you go. Har har.

Street legal dirt bike 1 – dinosaur juice 0.

KTM riding on beach

Goodbye, Traffic!

Are you tired of sitting around on a motorcycle while huge SUVs take 30 seconds to get to 45 MPH?

The wait is over, because with a street legal dirt bike you can get right around that traffic. Unless you live in California filtering between cars is illegal (and obeying the law is cool), but you can definitely shoot smaller gaps than a car can, and even driving legally you will get places much faster.

As for the fist-shakers and horn-honkers of the world, who cares about that? If you’re obeying laws, you’re not hurting anyone, and you’re not being dangerous, then we say f**k the haters.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Make Your Dirt Bike Street Legal Today

Sure, you could do it yourself. You could spend hours and hours poring over your state’s rules about dirt bikes and legality, rules which often change at the drop of a hat. You could cross your fingers that all your paperwork is correct the first time, because if it isn’t, you’ll be paying for it in cash and wasted time. And after all that, it could still go wrong.

Instead, give Dirt Legal a call when you’re ready to get on the road. We’ve been doing this for a long time and our process is the quickest and most painless way to make a dirt bike street legal. That’s backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee – if we can’t make your dirt bike street legal, you get a full refund.

Just call us at 800-994-7513 or email us at info@dirtlegal.com. Or visit our Dirt Bike Conversions page by clicking the link.

Because who wouldn't want their morning commute to be like this?!