Dirt Legal’s First Street Legal ATV is For Sale Now!

Ever want to drive an ATV on the street? Here's your chance.

This street legal ATV gets more attention than Taylor Swift riding a Ducati topless.

You heard right, this ATV is 100% legal for use in all 50 states. This particular bike is the first of many street legal ATVs courtesy of the hoons at Dirt Legal. It has a Florida title, registration, and plate along with all the bolt-on bells and whistles needed to drive it on public roads. Or off them.


This chain driven, water cooled, single-cylinder ATV has a six-speed manual transmission and electric start. It’s a lightweight quad that makes 30 horsepower feel like 100, and its four-stroke engine means you won’t be smogging traffic all over town. It’s even got a low two-person seat for the vertically challenged, which you’ll need because you’ll get more tail than PetSmart cruising around on a street legal ATV.


This street legal ATV wears 14” wheels and tires from a car, so you can rock any shoes you want. Keep the street style going or throw on some sand paddles and hit the beach. With a top speed of nearly 80mph and enough ground clearance to go just about anywhere, this quad is like a Jeep except 200% cooler.

If you’re interested in buying this fully street legal ATV, if you’re curious how we made an ATV street legal in the first place, or if you have an ATV you’d like to get legal, give Dirt Legal a call or click.