Yes, you can make your ATV Street Legal. Here's ours.

Street Legal Florida ATV

You think it’s cool to rip around town on a four-wheeler? Want to go on a long trip exploring the woods and roads on an ATV? Think it’s cool to ride these things on public roads? Well so do we. But Johnny Law doesn’t. That’s why you need to have a street legal ATV to do it with!

Making a quad street legal isn’t all that hard, and you can make it happen for a couple hundred bucks. Considering how expensive the ticket would be for riding an unlicensed, unregistered, un-legal ATV down a busy thoroughfare, this is money and time you’ll never regret spending.

Let me tell you how to make your ATV street legal and why you need to do it now.

Street Legal Florida ATV

The Street Legal ATV We Sell

If you follow our blog you know we build awesome street legal go karts. You guys liked them so much that we decided to start building custom ATVs, and like the go karts, these ATVs are for sale.

These street legal quads come with plates, title, and registration already done in your name. We can do custom wheels and tires off a car, a chrome-plated bull bar, a stretched swing arm, custom suspension, and pretty much anything you want. The first ones are out prowling the streets right now, soaking up the sun and ripping around town.

You already have an ATV, like a Raptor or Scrambler? Great! You can make your own ATV street legal in an afternoon.

Why You Need to Make Your ATV Street Legal

It’s CONVENIENT. You can go anywhere a car can go – and a lot further. It’s a nice day out, and you don’t feel like loading your ATV into the truck just to get to your favorite riding spot. With a street legal ATV, you don’t have to! You can ride to the farm, the beach, the trails, the Taco Bell, or the local meeting place where all the car guys hang out.

It’s FUN. Street legal ATVs can be customized just like cars and motorcycles, but they can go places those others can’t. Jumps, wheelies, skids, donuts, and off-road exploration are just a few of the things you should only do when it’s legal to do so 😉

It’s EASY. There aren’t many parts involved in making a quad bike street legal. And Dirt Legal’s titling services can get your ATV a legal license plate, which might sound crazy but it’s what we do every day.

Street Legal Florida ATV

How to Make an ATV Street Legal

Each state has different laws regarding motor vehicles, and other countries are no different. Some states don’t allow street legal quads even if they don’t explicitly say so, because their laws say something crafty like “all four-wheel vehicles newer than 19xx must have seatbelts” or “all four-wheel vehicles must have fenders that cover most of the tire.”

Is that bullsh*t? Heck yeah. That’s why Dirt Legal gets you an out of state title and license plate to make your street legal ATV legally licensed and insurable in all 50 states. Check your state’s laws regarding ATVs just to be sure.

There are a few other things you’ll need to make your quad street legal:

Horn. You need this so other motorists will know they’re taking too long in the Taco Bell drive thru. Did you order for the entire town? Get your Cinnabon Delights and get out of my way.

License plate holder and light. You need these so Johnny Law will know your ATV is in fact street legal. Without them, you might have to answer a few questions down at the station.

Blinkers. Traffic needs to know which way you’re turning. That also means you need hand controls to turn the blinkers on and off. I know what you’re thinking: BMWs don’t need blinkers so why should ATVs? It’s just the way it is.

Mirrors. These are critical for seeing the look on your friend’s face when you pull on his Civic with your ATV.

You can buy all that stuff from our store with all wiring and hardware included for under $200. Not to talk sh*t on those eBay specials, but we’ve tested our stuff and we know it will last


Extra Safety Never Hurts

Another thing to consider is getting street tires for your street legal ATV. You’ll spend a lot of money on them, but here’s why they’re worth it:

·         Extra grip means better cornering and pulls

·         Extra grip means extra safety (and better braking)

·         You won’t wear through knobbies on a regular basis

If you don’t already have one, look into getting a tethered kill switch. It attaches to your wrist or gear and will kill the engine if you go flying off the bike. It’s a grim thing to think about, but the last thing you want is for your street legal ATV to plow into someone’s car right after you’ve been in an accident.

Another thing to consider is getting a bright headlight. Many ATV headlights are fine in the forest or on the farm, but they won’t cut it on the road. When you leave the bright lights of the city, you may find yourself unable to see deer and other drivers may be less likely to see you heading their way. Trust me, brighter is always better.



How to Title an ATV

The most important things you need are a title, license plate, and registration. They’re the hardest parts to get on your own, but Dirt Legal will do all that work for you. We specialize in navigating the maze of DMV documents and forms, and with a 99.9% success rate we guarantee a clean title, plate, and reg for your ATV or your money back.

There’s no inspection required, and you don’t have to visit the DMV. It doesn’t matter where your ATV was made, who made it, or how rough it looks, we can title it – even if you only have a Bill of Sale to prove you own it!

Our packages start at just $399 depending on what proof of ownership you have – that’s a lot less than a ticket for illegal operation. Follow this link to start your conversion. Call or email us with any questions about the process.

Get your ATV, quad bike, or four-wheeler Dirt Legal today!