Warp 9: The Mona Lisa of Supermoto Wheels

Tired of changing tubes? Are wire spoke supermoto wheels not your thing? You think they’re just for getting freak nasty in the mud, and you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them on the street?

Or do you just want some sweet blue wheels to match your bar ends and levers?

Say no more.

W9 Switch Wheel

Maybe you want a new set of wheels for a different look, or you want your bike to have as many pairs of shoes as your girlfriend has. Or you’ve been thinking about having a dirt set and a street set. Sweet. We’re going to cover all of that, the basics of tubeless supermoto wheels, and the advantages of having this style of wheel on your bike.

Before we get started on why Warp 9 wheels are awesome, let’s learn a few things about supermoto wheels.


What are Tubeless Supermoto Wheels?

These wheels are called forged, solid, or tubeless wheels because they’re made of solid metal. Boom.

You know how your bicycle has an inner tube underneath the tire? It’s the same thing with dirt bike wheels and your standard wire spoke supermoto wheels. The benefit of that style is that the wheel actually flexes under stress – part of how MX riders can land huge jumps without doing any damage to their bikes.

Forged wheels usually weigh less than wire spoke wheels. Warp 9 takes that one step further by making their wheels from lightweight aluminum. The lighter your wheels are, the faster and nimbler your bike is. Got it? Good.

If all you’re doing is riding around town, hopping curbs and doing wheelies and stuff, you probably won’t notice the difference in weight alone. For most of us it’s really about looks, and a cool set of solid forged wheels can change how your entire bike presents itself.

Switch Wheels

How to Build a Tubeless Supermoto Wheel

The basic parts of a forged wheel are as follows. All of these parts can be fully customized on Warp 9 wheels.

Rim. Want black, silver, red, orange, purple, blue, or a custom color? You got it! I like my wheels old school cool, so my ideal set would be magnesium.

Hub. That can be any color you want. Mine would be purple to match the BOV on my STI, BRO. The hubs can be changed very easily, so you don't have to sell these wheels with your bike, you can just change the hub and install them on your new dirt bike, something that isn't possible on spoked wheels. 

Valve stem. You can even custom-color your valve stem. That’s nuts. I choose gold because it looks expensive AF even though it really isn’t. Kind of like my entire life.

Rotor. Warp 9 uses top-quality floating rotors which are far superior to the cheaper fixed rotors out there (and here’s why). You know style is all about the details, and you can opt for titanium rotor bolts to add a little more bling.

Tires. Your bike can feel like a totally different machine with the right set of tires, so treat yo’self to the best ones you can afford. And with forged supermoto wheels there’s no need to buy tubes!

Rear sprocket. Want to go up or down a few teeth? You can order a custom sprocket straight from Warp 9 or get yours when ordering your set of wheels from us.

Rear cush drive. Those little rubber triangles cushion the blow when your wheel goes from acceleration to braking, or vice versa. Without them that power snap would be way too immediate, and it might even cause damage. Dirt bikes rarely have this feature. And no it’s not “kush” but hey, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.


Wire Spoke Supermoto Wheels

Most of us may never notice the weight savings that forged wheels offer over wire spoke wheels, so it really comes down to personal preference.

If you haven’t yet, go design some sick wheels in Warp 9’s interactive wheel builder. Not only can you customize the rotors, sprocket, and hubs on wire supermoto wheels, you control the color of the spokes, nipples, and rim and your hub is a lot more visible.

Photo Apr 01, 2 51 43 PM.jpg

Why Not Have Both? Two Sets of Wheels!

Riding dirt and street is the top reason why you should make your dirt bike street legal. If you ride both, you know how much of a pain it is to change tires – or even bikes – if you want to go from a muddy weekend to killing the show scene. Why not get an extra set of wheels and save the hassle?

The first time you switch out your wheels in half an hour, you’ll never want to go back to having one set!

Now that you know more about forged supermoto wheels, go build yourself a custom set. Match them to your fairings, bars, or even your gear and you’ll be breaking necks all over town. As always, contact us and ask for the Dirt Legal Discount to get a set of Warp 9 Wheels for super cheap.

Dirt Legal Discount on Warp 9 Wheels

We like to give credit where credit’s due, and as seasoned supermoto riders we’ve honestly found that Warp 9 Racing has the best wheels at the best prices. That’s why we struck up a partnership with them – and now the Dirt Legal Discount gets you the best price on Warp 9 wheels anywhere on the internet, guaranteed.

The wheels in this article are all made by Warp 9, so if you like what you see check out their interactive spoked and solid wheel builders, then hit us up and ask for the Dirt Legal Discount. There are two styles of forged supermoto wheels to choose from.

Warp 9 delivers a complete set that installs quickly and easily. They take custom orders on wheels, sprockets, hubs, floating rotors, caliper brackets, and more, and it’s all done in-house, right here in the United States. Just add your choice of tires and away you go!

Order your Forged Supermoto Wheels Here!

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