Why You Need a Wheelie Bar (Even if You Can't Wheelie)

Every motorcycle rider on Earth either knows how to wheelie or wants to learn how. It’s in our blood, like wearing hoodies and saying BRAAAAP all the time. It’s just how we do.



If you didn’t learn to wheelie as a little kid, it may seem hard or even scary to learn how to do it now. Think its though, it isn’t! Like anything else you’ll make some mistakes before you get it right, but with wheelying going too far is actually a big part of learning the ropes.

Having a wheelie bar makes learning how to wheelie a whole lot easier, but wheelies aren’t the only thing a wheelie bar is good for. Here are six reasons why you should drop a few bills on a wheelie bar ASAP.

It Helps You Get It Up

Learning how to stunt is a rite of passage for anyone who rides a supermoto. You may meet the occasional ‘tard rider who doesn’t know how to wheelie, stoppie, slide, skid, or do a burnout, and that person is missing out on the best things in life. As an upstanding citizen you need to convince them to seek help immediately, in the form of YouTube or good ol’ fashioned parking lot shenanigans.

We aren’t going to talk about the basics of how to wheelie right now, so go learn from VroomVroomDana – he’ll have you wheelying like a boss in an afternoon. Trust me, it’s wheelie easy to do sick wheelies.

Yeah, I went there.

In case you’ve never been mesmerized by a stunt video before, go ahead and watch the one up there by the dick joke. Look at how gracefully those guys pull the front wheel up, find the balance point, and hold the bike there like it’s not even a thing. Sure, they have tons of practice under their belts. But everything they’re doing is something you can do too, and it all starts with confidence.

Another thing that helps them do what they do so easily is a wheelie bar / stunt bar / foot hoop. It’s a big metal loop that bolts onto the back of your dirt bike, supermoto, or stunt bike. A wheelie bar allows you to put one foot at the very back of the bike, so you can use your weight to help bring the front wheel off the ground while covering your back brake with the other foot.

A guy uses a wheelie bar at about 2:40 in that video, and without it he would have to keep his feet on the pegs or try to stand on the seat or tail, and none of those are good ideas. You’ll see some guys running around with holes cut in their seats. That’s because they need somewhere to put their foot and they don’t have a wheelie bar. Don’t be that guy.


It Protects Your Goods

It doesn’t matter if this guy scrapes his tail, because the only part that will hit the ground is the wheelie bar.

Notice how the guys in that video never scraped their tails. That’s because that wasn’t their first rodeo, but even professional stunters accidentally scrape from time to time. Once you get good you can even do it on purpose. If you want to ride wheelies and do stunts all the time, there’s a 100% chance you’re going to loop or 12 o’clock a bike at some point. That’s why it’s best to learn on a bike you don’t care that much about, but you should also protect your next bike from damage with a wheelie bar.

Wheelie bars help protect your tail light and rear fender from damage, so you can kiss the ground with metal instead of plastic.


Wheelie Bars are Easy to Install

These days it doesn’t matter if your bike is rare or popular, because there are companies that make custom-fit wheelie bars for pretty much every stunt bike, supermoto, and dirt bike ever made. Installation is easier than your friend’s mom – these tools are all you need to install a wheelie bar on most bikes. There’s no cutting your plastics, there’s no welder, there’s no emergency trip to the hardware store. Just pop four bolts on and away you go.


You Can Carry More Stuff

At some point you’ll want to take a longer ride on your bike. See how those guys are using nose bags, tail bags, and tank bags? That’s nuts. Not to mention all that luggage costs buku bucks. Just get yourself a wheelie bar, strap a duffel bag to it, and call it a day. Then take the money you saved and go buy yourself some sick wheels or a new wrap.



You Can Carry More Girls

Come on, man. Act like you’ve never wanted to take a third passenger on your bike, and there’s no good reason for either one of them to be a guy. See this guy right here? He’s got a wheelie bar.

A wheelie bar will let you carry a third passenger with ease, because it adds structural rigidity to the back of your bike. Hell, you could carry a girl AND luggage if you have a wheelie bar, and that my friend is living the dream.




Wheelie Bars are Worth It!

There’s really no reason not to drop some change on a wheelie bar, and if those videos didn’t convince you, maybe the price will. For under $175, you can have an accessory that not only makes your bike more versatile, but that adds to its resale value as well. Chances are the next guy is going to want a wheelie bar and your bike will already have one. Not to mention, you won’t have to tell stories about why the tail is cracked and the tail light is held on by zip ties and prayers.

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How did it feel to land your first wheelie? Tell us in the comments!