Motorcyclist Fights Crime to Recover Friend’s Stolen Dirt Bike

How far would you go to save a friend’s stolen dirt bike?

Just recently, one friend proved his loyalty by catching two thieves in action. It appears that his friend’s dirt bike was taken in New Westminster, Canada.

Just a few days later, Liam Robertson was heading down the street when he spotted two guys walking away with it.

Here’s what happened next.

Recovering the Stolen Dirt Bike

This video was made possible thanks to Liam Robertson’s helmet camera.

Let’s get a closer look at what went on.

As you can see, he is simply heading down the road when he spots two people wheeling the bike next to the road. After spending a few minutes thinking about what to do next, he turns around to get a closer look.

He sees two people wheeling the stolen dirt bike behind a ‘no trespassing’ sign. After approaching the men, he determines that the bike is, in fact, his friend’s and he calls the police.

Unfortunately for those thieves, three cop cars show up and there is an altercation. Liam is sure the bike belongs to a buddy of his because it’s the same color, model and all the plastic was stripped off. Plus, it features the same skid plate that his friend has.

What you hear in the video is one of the suspects screaming and causing quite the commotion. According to the YouTube video, both suspects were arrested, but there are no official reports from the police confirming that.

Still, it’s nice to see these losers get what they deserve.

How do you avoid getting pulled over, no matter where you are?

From the Ride of the Century to the rural streets of Kentucky, cops across the country are putting their foot down.

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Besides making sure you don’t ride on sidewalks, yards, or the wrong side of the road, of course.

Have you ever had to fight crime on your bike?

We would love to hear about it. Leave us a comment telling us what crime-fighting powers your dirt bike gives you.

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