More to Love: The Four-Seater Honda Talon 1000X-4

Ready to get excited?

Honda has just recently introduced the new four-seater Honda Talon at TexPlex in Midlothian, Texas.

The four-seat UTV will have two different models, the 1000X-4 and the 1000X-4 Fox Live Valve. These new Talons are now capable of taking some friends or family along for the ride. Get ready for the best side-by-side ride as these new Hondas are built to the highest quality standards in the UTV world.

We already liked the two-seater Talon X and Talon R, and this four-door version is giving us more to love.

In a Nutshell: Honda Talon Fast Facts

Here are some quick and awesome facts about the Honda Talon 1000R for your evening at the bar.

  1. It’s worth the cost. The range-topping Talon 1000R will set you back about $21,000, and with the UTV world abuzz about anything Talon-related, the consensus is that it’s worth it.

  2. Made in the USA. Many major components of the Honda Talon are American-built and assembled at a plant in Timmonsville, South Carolina. This includes the frame and differentials. Many suspension, electrical, and body components come from vendors based in the USA. Only the engine and transmission are shipped directly from Honda in Japan.

  3. A turbo could happen. Honda has not discussed the possibility of a production turbo for the Honda Talon, but we found a clue that suggests one is in the works. The engine has piston oil jets which are usually only used on a turbocharged engine. This strongly hints that a turbo Honda Talon could be on the horizon.

Honda Talon 1000X-4: Stadium Seating is King

The Talon 1000X-4 comes in 2 models, the basic and the Fox Live Valve.

These new UTVs are both extended versions of the 1000X 2-door version. The frame has been lengthened to allow for two more stadium-style seats in the back. These seats lift the passengers 3 inches higher than the front so they can see all the action coming up ahead.

Not bad if you like, you know, seeing what’s coming.

But it is bad if you like the relatively dust-free enclave that is normally a UTV’s back seat.

Four Seater Honda Talon: Specifications

Both of these four-seaters share the same engine and transmission as their 2-seat counterparts.

The inline 999cc twin engine cranks out an amazing 104 horsepower. The transmission is still the rock-solid six-speed dual clutch automatic with the dual high/low range and AWD for creeping over rocks or up steep hills.

In addition to packing AWD to help with traction, Honda also uses electronic brake distribution to stop the wheels from slipping. To keep things straight when you are pushing it to the limits, the I-4WD assists will kick in to help you out when things get squirrely.

With all this horsepower and traction, you will need some good stopping power which is why Honda put some high-performance brakes on this UTV. The Talon features discs on the front and rear that measure a huge 250mm. They also sport 34mm calipers on the front with twin pistons and 34mm calipers on the rear with single pistons, so it won’t be a problem to snap those two additional necks in the back row.

Talon 1000X-4 vs. 1000X-4 Fox Live Valve: What’s the Difference?

The first difference between the regular model and the Fox Live Valve model is the suspension.

The standard model uses the Fox Podium shocks on the front and rear. All four shocks come with QS3 adjusters on them that allow you to select three different compression levels depending on what terrain you are riding on.

On the Fox Live Valve model, you get some nice upgrades that are well worth the extra money. The shocks are upgraded to the - wait for it - Fox Live Valve shocks in the front and the rear. Did you see that plot twist coming, M. Night Shyamalan?

I can hear you now. “Do shocks and springs really make that much of a difference?”

Yes. Yes they do.

This suspension system puts every other arrangement out there to shame. To maximize the performance, handling, and ride comfort, these shocks adjust up to every five milliseconds while you drive. The whole system runs with a Honda control unit that is designed in conjunction with Bosch, and the Germans know a thing or two about precise handling, don’t they?

When these four-seat side-by-sides hit showrooms this fall, you will be able to easily tell the difference by the color options. The upgraded Fox Live Valve Honda Talon model is spotted by its orange and black paint job. There is no pricing available yet, but I’m sure these will set you back quite a few dollars.

The other vast difference between these Honda Talon versions is the launch control that is only found on the Fox Live model. Let’s talk a little more about that.

Honda Talon Fox Live Valve: Launch Mode

With the new Launch Mode on board the Talon 1000X-4 Fox Live Valve, you can start from a dead stop to wide open throttle and the onboard computers will help you do it.

This system minimizes what the driver has to worry about so they can focus on driving instead of shifting. When the Talon starts to move, there is a program that monitors sensors at the wheels and backs off torque on the tires that have less grip. The control module keeps the 1000X straight when the traction is not the same on the right and left tires, something you could do, but not as well as Honda can. Burned.

Check out the Talon 4-Seater in Action

Before you head down to the Honda dealer to get a look at this new UTV, why not check it out in action first. There have been plenty of YouTube videos offering a glimpse into the workings of this 4-seater UTV.

For example, the guys over at DPCcars put together this little informational video which, if it accomplishes anything, it causes us to want to head off-road with a friend we already have and three we haven’t even met yet.

You Can Also Make the Honda Talon Street Legal

Making things street legal is what we do. Just call us at 800-994-7513 or email us at Or visit our UTV Conversions page by clicking the link.

We’ll work with the DMV to ensure that all laws are followed in making your Honda Talon street legal to drive on public roads. You’ll get a license plate, title, and registration! Just install some parts based on your state’s regulations. No hoops and no hidden clauses – just you, your street legal Honda Talon, and the open road.

Would you buy a four-seat Honda Talon 1000X-4?

After looking at all the specs of this beast, we want to know your thoughts. Would you prefer to take three of your buddies out in the 4-seater Talon or are you content to just take one? Let us know what you think.