Why you need to make your dirt bike street legal.


One word. Convenience. 


What we've come to find here at Dirt Legal is people want to ride their dirt bikes on the street. Whether it's to have cheap transportation or to ride the local trails, there are countless reasons why you should make your dirt bike street legal. 

1. Convenience. If you're like me, you're on a budget and can't afford a truck to drive your bike back and forth to the local trails. Now you don't have to.  Simply pull the bike out of the garage, kick it, and be on your way. If you already have a truck, you might as well sell it at this point and buy yourself a brand new dirt bike. You can thank me later. 

2. Group rides. You can ride with all of your supermoto/enduro buddies who have wr's and drz's. You will most likely have the fastest bike in the group, so jealousy may ensue. Wait until you see the look on their face when you pull up on a street legal, fully equipped, motocross bike. They will have a hard time keeping up. 

3. Freedom. Never have to watch your back while riding on the streets. You can take your dirt bike on all public roads and highways, legally.  Feel free to get the groceries and have the most fun doing errands then you ever have before. Next time the wife asks you to take a trip to the store, you will be excited to.  I know I was. 

4. Traffic. No more waiting in line.  Rush hour hits and you have to take a trip out on the road? Take the dirt bike. Happily pass cars with the biggest grin on your face knowing that it used to be you stuck there for hours on end, but luckily you made the right choice by making your bike legal. Soon you will be taking the bike to work. 

5. Value. Your insurance will be cheap and gas even cheaper. You will probably fill your tank with just $5. That should be enough for entire day of riding.  Not a bad price to pay for a full day of fun.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, the value of your dirt bike significantly increases with a street legal title. 

6. Fun.  You will find yourself making all sorts of excuses to get out of the house and go ride now that your dirt bike is street legal.  Hungry? Just hop on the bike and go to your nearest drive through. 

If you have a dirt bike that's not street legal, what are you waiting for? Make it street legal today.