7 Valid Reasons Why People Drive Golf Carts

Ever wonder what Eddie Murphy, Guy Fieri, and Johnny Knoxville have in common? They drive golf carts on the regular. And if you’ve ever dreamed of having a street legal golf cart, chances are you do too. But why would anyone do that? Chances are they, and you, fit one of the following criteria.

You’re a Midwesterner

I'm from Missouri, a state that was never part of the Confederacy. But that doesn't stop my neighbors from brandishing the Stars and Bars on everything from belt buckles to license plates, and - you guessed it - golf carts. Usually lifted ones with ATV tires and massive light bars.

Things work a little differently round these parts. Since Johnny Law’s son is your neighbor’s daughter’s boyfriend, nobody’s going to care what you’re driving as long as you nod and wave. Don't even worry about being legal: duct tape a flashlight to the roof, strap a bicycle horn to the steering wheel, and take your girl to the most romantic place in town.

Or instead of going to Walmart, drive over to your buddy’s shop and plastidip a Confederate flag on the roof of your friend's car. 10 bonus points if their car is Korean. I wish I'd seen that a few less times.

You’re a Massive Celebrity

As a connoisseur of fine taste, the mantra "quality over quantity" dictates most of my day. I couldn’t find many pictures of celebrities driving street legal golf carts, but then I realized I only needed one. A bastion of ballin', a cornerstone of cool.

Guy Fieri speaks for the minds and hearts of billions of people worldwide. As one of the most famous people ever to live in any capacity, it’s only fitting that he be the Official Face of Celebrities Driving Golf Carts, Sponsored by Dirt Legal, which we’re ready to turn into an actual thing as soon as he is.

You Live on an Island

An island may be your home if you’re a Galapagos sea turtle or one of many really famous people. In what is perhaps the most practical use of a golf cart since that chase scene from 21 Jump Street, street legal golf carts are especially convenient when your entire accessible land mass is only a few miles wide.

You’ll accrue some extra Save the World points if your cart is electric.

Classing up the joint.

Classing up the joint.

You’re a Homebody

A growing population is using street legal golf carts to run their errands. That usually consists of taking short trips to the grocery store, bar, and strip club. Even if those caddies aren't electric their pilots aren't just saving the world, they're saving on fuel as well. Them's some smart cookies.

Imagine living in a neighborhood designed around the idea of thousands of people riding golf carts everywhere. If your weekly routine only consists of beer, food, and golf, it makes perfect sense. This brings us to the next possibility:

Source: Google Maps

Source: Google Maps

You’re Old AF

A community based around the idea of driving a golf cart everywhere basically describes the entire state of Florida.

What you see above is an actual community in the Sunshine State. The presence of 7 cheesily-shaped and almost certainly terrible golf courses should tell you something about the people living in this corner of Florida: they like golf and needless symmetry. I'm sure that marshy bog in the middle is a real gem to look at.

If you’re still not convinced that there’s an entire state full of people driving golf carts around, check out this news story which covers the most first-world problem of all time: retired people want to drive their golf carts on the road, but they can’t because it’s illegal in their community.

Residents of the hip and with it town of Pirate Harbor (near Fort Myers) fought hard to make golf carts street legal within the town’s limits back in 2015. They went as far as petitioning the city government, but the oppressive regime of Pirate Harbor upheld the insufferable living conditions of before.

So the next time you crack open a 12-pack while cruising around town in your golf cart, pour one out for the people of Pirate Harbor.

You’re a Hooligan

If you’re mulling over crazy engine swap ideas for that Hayabusa motor you have in the garage, allow us to suggest one: a street legal golf cart.

At a glance the public will think you’re a hotshot up-and-comer in the booming financial sector whose impressive income allows for a discerning taste in club-and-ball sports. Little will they know you're a brazen badass the likes of which Johnny Knoxville only dreamed of being.



You Actually Play Golf

See those people? They’re non-golfers.

How do I know, you ask?

Let's start with the copious lack of sticks and balls anywhere on their cart. Uncle Jerry’s not about to chip any homers in those shoes, and young Nathan's posture lacks that distinguished Country Club confidence. The girl on the back wins, though, smiling nonchalantly while easily being the most badass one of the lot. Rear-facing seat, no seat belt, on public roads? Don't mind if I do.

You may have noticed that despite all this talk about golf carts, until now we haven’t talked much about the actual sport of golf. That’s because for every golfer who has a legitimate reason for putting around on a street legal golf cart there are probably 50 drivers who don’t even own a set of clubs. Lots of puns there, try to keep up.

Golfers are the people who most appreciate the ease and convenience of a street legal golf cart. They would enjoy driving one home from the course on public roads and wouldn’t mind taking one to the shops now and then. It’s a match made in heaven, but street legal golf carts aren’t always easy to come by.

Can Golf Carts Ever Be Street Legal?

First off, the law classifies a golf cart as a vehicle which can travel at a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. Lawmakers recognize that even at this speed a collision with a full-sized vehicle could be fatal, and in many cities and states there are restrictions against ever driving a golf cart on public roads.

Other states limit the times and places where golf carts can operate – read our Street Legal Golf Cart guide for more on the specifics.

At Dirt Legal, we’re big fans of making strange things street legal, from Humvees to Roxors and ATVs to go karts. Check out our Conversions page to learn how we can make certain vehicles street legal with almost no effort needed on your end.

We sometimes offer packages to make LSVs and golf carts street legal. We only offer this when we’re 100% sure we can make it happen based on ever-changing DMV regulations. If you’re ever in doubt, give us a call.