Top 5 Reasons to Title Your Dirt Bike

It’s no secret that riding a street legal dirt bike is awesome. Sure, cars can do wheelies and street bikes can go flying through the woods – but they really shouldn’t. The top reason for titling your dirt bike is to drive it on the road, but there are tons of benefits to having a license plate on your bike.

Why You Need to Title Your Dirt Bike

All bikes are awesome – but there’s something extra special about tearing up the streets on a street legal dirt bike. The best reasons for titling a dirt bike go way beyond having a stunt session during your morning commute… but let’s start there.

Ride on the Streets

It’s awesome to braaap around town on a dirt bike, riding wheelies and hopping curbs and doing all that other stuff we can’t legally condone on a public post. Of course, you’re probably a model citizen anyway… you respect all speed limits, rev only when it’s necessary, and your front wheel never leaves the ground.


Johnny Law’s job might be to Protect and Serve, but he’s also waiting for you to ride past him without a license plate so he can pull your brappin’ ass over. Riding a dirt bike around town without a tag is asking for trouble, yet there are plenty of people taking that risk every day.

Why risk the impound lot when you could just spend a few hundred bucks to make your dirt bike street legal?

Chances are those people don’t know how cheap and easy it is to plate and title a dirt bike. Ours start at just $299 and have a 100% chance of saving you from costly tickets down the road. Check it out now or bookmark it for later.

How crazy would it be to lose your motorcycle over something as trivial as not having a license plate? It’s all well and good to live in the moment, but riding around without a license plate isn’t worth the risk.

Speaking of thinking long-term… you like money, right?

Higher Resale Value

Smart Money 101 is officially in session.

The best investment you can make in your ride is to make your dirt bike street legal. Unlike bolt-on mods and eBay plastics, by getting your dirt bike titled and plated you’re adding a tangible commodity that everyone wants. The next owner will be thankful you did the work for them – and they’ll gladly pay extra for that convenience.

Remember, most people think it’s hard to title a dirt bike. Lucky for you, you know better.

You know those sellers who list how much they paid for every part? Their Yoshi pipe and AS3 levers? Everyone knows you don’t get your money back out of mods unless you build a seriously sick bike. They’re just hoping to justify their asking price by flexing nuts.

In fact, the best way to save a few bucks on your next bike is to buy one that’s already modified. Let the other guy spend the big bucks on new parts while you pocket the difference.

That’s why the smartest investment in the bike you already own – maybe even doubling its value – is making it street legal.

Don’t believe me? The proof is in the pudding: here are some real-world examples we’ve seen on Craigslist lately.

Honda CRF450X

The red one as an off-road title, NOT a street legal title!

The red one as an off-road title, NOT a street legal title!

The mods that make the street legal CRF450X look better don’t cost all that much – yet it’s going for $4500 more than the red one. You could literally buy two of the red one and have enough money left over for a new set of wheels. Such a pity, it would be worth way more if only it had a street legal title.

Kawasaki KX450F

4 KX450F.jpg

These Kawis both have stellar mods and they both look about the same. We all know selling on Craigslist means starting high, so these bikes would probably sell for $3000 and $2000 respectively. That means a $300 title made the street legal KX450F $1000 more expensive. Sounds like it paid for itself.

Yamaha YZ450F

5 YZ450F.jpg

Check out the list of new parts on that orange bike. It’s practically a brand-new machine ready to tear up the trails or the streets, but there’s a problem. The seller ticked the “clean title” box on the ad, but if you read it isn’t actually street legal!

The street legal YZ450F on the left costs $3000 more even though it’s a year older. I’m telling you, it’s the title!

After reviewing the evidence it’s pretty clear that if you make your dirt bike street legal…

Your Bike Will Practically Sell Itself

Having a titled dirt bike opens you up to an entirely different resale market. We found all those bikes near us in Florida, and you’ll see the same trend regardless of where you live. It stands to reason that a street legal dirt bike is nearly twice as likely to sell because it speaks to two groups of people!

Remember, people don’t know how easy it is to title a dirt bike. They’re willing to pay extra for the convenience of already having it taken care of. Sure, there’s a wait involved in getting a dirt bike titled and plated – but after 4-6 weeks, there’s a license plate on that bike forever.

A Title is Permanent

By titling your dirt bike you’re giving it a permanent improvement, one that could not only pay for itself in resale value but in the number of tickets you won’t get from riding your dirt bike on the road illegally. No matter what happens to your bike, regardless of who you sell it to, a street legal dirt bike will remain street legal for as long as it’s roadworthy.

Getting a Title is Super Easy

We’ve touched on this last reason a few times, but people don’t realize how easy it is to title a dirt bike! So, what are you waiting for?