Roxor Weekly 10/16: Mud, Tech, and Horsepower

Today’s Roxor Weekly comes to you at its new time. Not a lot of things happen on a Tuesday, so we're doing our part to help improve this most bland of weekdays with a little off-road action. This is your weekly update of everything going on in the Mahindra Roxor video world, a little thing we call Roxor Weekly.

The biggest news around our office this week is that we have new parts in our Roxor Store!

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Without further ado, let's jump right in to this mid-October edition of Roxor Weekly.

Off-Roading Made Easy

We recently featured YouTuber Red, White, & Roxor installing his Halo LED Roxor Headlights, and his latest post covers something we’ve all wanted to do: taking the Roxor to an off-road park.

This is a great video to play in the background – it’s like having a conversation with your buddy who just got back from the local ATV park. If you’re wondering whether the Roxor will hang up, scrape, or lose traction during a semi-aggressive off-road run, the answer is a firm and hearty “No!”

RWR reports that he only bumped the skidplate once, and to his knowledge the diffs, leaf springs, and other suspension components never hit the ground. The off-road park in question was designed for side-by-sides and ATVs with a broader rev range than the Roxor, and as such he found himself between gears a few times. Some feathering of the clutch made that problem disappear.

The Roxor impressed everyone it encountered, especially the fellow off-roader it pulled free from the mud – a story the narrator tells with pride. It shined on steep grades even with stock tires, and it would climb up or down by itself in 4-Low. In his words, the Roxor “idled through most of the park” and never struggled or strained to clear an obstacle.

Not bad at all.

Mahindra Roxor: A Technical Tour

If you’ve been wondering about how a Roxor works underneath all that vintage metal, this is a great video to watch.

YouTuber abiez has appeared on our Roxor Weekly before, and he’s finally acquired his bright red Mahindra Roxor and taken it for a first drive. He starts this video by going through the engine bay, explaining the technical aspects of the air purification and EGR systems as well as the common-rail direct-injection system and how the metal body bolts together. There are several extra firewall grommets for wiring auxiliary lights, blinkers, and accessories, and the whole thing is utilitarianism at its finest.

He then takes it for a test drive, and judging by his outfit, a pretty cold one. As far as drivability, his first reaction is:

“You can tell it’s restricted. It’s running really good, but you have to struggle hard to push this thing.”

That’s why you should derestrict your Roxor. If you don’t know how, it’s really simple:

Getting Rid of Squeaks and Rattles

We all love that the Roxor is essentially an old Jeep, but that does mean it requires maintenance like an old Jeep would. No big deal!

YouTuber abiez is back again, this time with a 1-minute clip addressing a popular topic on the Roxor forums: a squeaking and clunking noise happening when crossing obstacles or bumps. Such noises are common on off-road vehicles, but with the Roxor being so new some owners have worried the sounds may be indicative of a deeper issue.

Luckily, the solution is simple – vintage Jeep enthusiasts will recognize it immediately. The sound originates from the mounting points where the leaf springs attach to the frame. Those points are fitted with grease Zerks and more grease can be added easily, eliminating the clunking noise all together.

You’ll need to do this every now and then to maintain these joints and prevent excessive wear and tear.

Diesel Freak’s in Cowtown

The professional tuners over at Diesel Freak recently stopped by Cowtown USA, a powersports dealer in Cuba, Missouri, to talk horsepower and torque. Namely, a lot of both.

Diesel Freak’s Stage 2 ECU tune brings the Roxor’s horsepower to 105 at the rear tires – nearly double the 62 hp figure of a stock Roxor, the perfect balance for a street legal Roxor.

They advise that anyone looking to make more than 105 horsepower should also upgrade the clutch. The stock clutch will do fine around town, but in off-roading situations it gets pretty hot from all the extra power. This reduces its lifespan dramatically and results in a slippery clutch.

Of course, that isn’t surprising considering the Stage 2 Tune adds more power than the Roxor was really designed for. A Chevelle wasn’t designed to make 900 horsepower either, but last time we checked a 900-horsepower Chevelle was still awesome. So what can you do?

Diesel Freak currently offers an upgraded clutch alongside the ECU tuning options found in their store. They’re also working on Stage 3 ECU Tuning, a package that may come complete with an upgraded exhaust, intercooler piping, and air cleaner assembly. The result of all that work? Over 150 horsepower and over 300 lb-ft of torque – and according to Diesel Freak, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

That should keep you speed demons occupied for a while.

Instagram  @nathanpeebels

Instagram @nathanpeebels

Roxor Weekly

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