Roxor Weekly 12/21: Thar Fest 2018, Warn Locking Hubs

The holidays are finally upon us. Presents are flowing, snow is falling, and food is plentiful. I’m sure most of you are too loaded on eggnog and holiday desserts to even move at this point. With that in mind, this week’s Roxor Weekly consists of just two videos. The first is a simple upgrade to make your Roxor more streetable, and the second is a glimpse into the crazy world of modified Mahindra Thars in their homeland of India.

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This is Roxor Weekly.

Tools in Action Installs Warn Locking Hubs on a Roxor

Dan from Tools in Action is back with a new video. This week’s topic is Warn locking hubs: how they install and how they work. It’s the first in a series of Street Legal Roxor videos from Tools in Action in collaboration with Dirt Legal.

What do locking hubs do? They take the strain off the front driveline components by disconnecting the front wheels from the axles at the hubs instead of at the transfer case.

Normally your front axles, driveshaft, and differential will still be spinning even when you’re in 2WD – that leads to extra wear over time and puts extra strain on your Roxor every day. Installing locking hubs allows the front wheels to spin freely and eliminates that excess driveline wear, with the added bonus of improving gas mileage over time.

As Dan demonstrates in the video, installing the Warn locking hubs is an easy process. The only specialized tools involved are a pair of circlip pliers and a pry bar. It’s also a good idea to hit the inside of the hub housing with some grease while you’re in there. Beyond that, if you can remove a wheel you can install locking hubs!

You can purchase a pair of these Warn Locking Hubs from our Roxor Store.

We’re excited to watch the Tools in Action Roxor become a street legal off-road machine! Subscribe to Tools in Action, follow Dirt Legal on Facebook, and stay tuned for our full write-up as the project nears completion.

Thar Fest 2018: A Tribute to the Original Roxor

If you had any doubts as to how popular the old Jeep body style is in India, prepare to be amazed.

This is Thar Fest, an event organized by Mahindra themselves to bring Thar owners together from all across India. Every year the outskirts of the coastal city of Kochi come alive with music, off-roading, and a sprawling Thar car show that’s one for the record books.

The festival’s motto proudly states: “If the Thar is your religion, the Thar Fest is your pilgrimage.”

There’s something you should know before watching this video. With very few exceptions, any vehicle that looks remotely like a Jeep is actually a Mahindra Thar. It might say Jeep on it, it might have Jeep body panels, it might even have a Jeep badge on its Jeep grille, but nearly everything you’re about to see is a Thar in disguise.

That means this is a Thar:

Thar Silver.JPG

This is a Thar:

Thar mud.JPG

These are all Thars:

Thar Line.JPG

THIS is a Thar:

Thar Jeep AF.JPG

And you guessed it, this too is a Mahindra Thar:

mahindra jeep for sure.JPG

Wait, what’s that on the grille? ENHANCE!


I knew it! I’d recognize that JeeP logo anywhere.

What’s interesting is that even on the Thars that look exactly like Jeeps, even ones that are badged as such, you can still see the Mahindra badging on the windshield and front fenders. It’s not like those badges aren’t removable, so what’s the deal?

Simply put, this isn’t a case of some guy passing his Fiero off as a Ferrari. These Thars may be dressed up to look like Jeeps, but it’s all about paying tribute to both the Willys heritage of the Thar and a modern cultural icon from the other side of the world. Even though real Jeeps are available in India, these enthusiasts have chosen Thars instead – they’re proud of them for what they are, not merely for what they resemble if you squint.

That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

Autoweek got their hands on a Roxor recently! Check out their write-up  here . From Instagram  @autoweekusa

Autoweek got their hands on a Roxor recently! Check out their write-up here. From Instagram @autoweekusa

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Cover image source: Instagram @familypowersportslubbock