Roxor Weekly 10/30: Winter is Coming

With frigid temperatures already impacting much of North America, and with buckets of that white stuff just around the corner, the Mahindra Roxor UTV is coming into its own in a major way. The gearheads featured in this week’s Roxor Weekly are preparing for that most slippery of seasons by putting their Roxors to the test: from fording rivers to flexing axles, this week’s roundup is the most intense yet.

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Without further ado, let’s get right to this week’s edition of:

Roxor Weekly

A-Ha: A Roxor Flexing Axles

In this short clip, YouTuber abiez demonstrates the mighty flexing prowess of his bone stock Mahindra Roxor. Even as he places the front left wheel on a pile of dirt, leaving the left rear wheel dangling in the air, the chassis shows no signs of distress. The Roxor’s four wheel drive system doesn’t struggle either, easily hauling both driver and vehicle up a loose dirt incline and onto the road.

While this video demonstrates the Roxor’s flexing abilities in slow motion, the same sort of action takes place underneath you every time you navigate rough terrain. It’s what keeps you planted on steep grades and keeps your coffee from spilling on the way to work, and it’s what separates this Jeep relative from its UTV competition.

The video ends in classic Sir David Attenborough style with a sighting of what appears to be a salamander. The wild amphibian is seen crossing a public roadway with haste, similar to how its ancestors crossed Pangaea millions of years ago. No longer fleeing dinosaurs, this little guy now fends for his life against a continuous stream of roadgoing vehicles – street legal Roxors included.

An impressive ancestry indeed.

Tech: Installing Temperature and Oil Pressure Gauges

If you’re like us, the more information you have the better. That mindset led Bear’s End Productions to install temperature and oil pressure gauges into this Mahindra Roxor, and the final product has superb fit and finish.

This video features one-wire 2-1/16” electrical gauges from the Autometer Phantom line courtesy of Summit Racing. The oil pressure sensor was fitted to an existing port near the oil filter and the dipstick – the video mentions that an adapter was required for proper fitment. The temperature gauge installation simply involved inserting the sensor body into the path of a sufficiently large radiator hose. Both sensors were then wired through the extra firewall grommets and into the dash, where two holes were drilled to accommodate the gauges themselves.

The video then turns to a wonderful discussion of the Roxor’s value. When he asks his wife why they bought their beloved Roxor instead of building a custom Jeep or Bronco, she responds “Because building this would’ve ended in divorce court!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

A temperature gauge is something one might expect Mahindra to include from the factory. Given that the stock turbodiesel engine should rarely reach dangerous temperatures even after strenuous use, it’s understandable that they didn’t.

Adventure: Preparing for Winter in Canada

Having brought his new Roxor home just last week, Canadian YouTuber TlcBister has already produced this short montage of his blue Roxor taming the wilds of Saskatchewan.

Even cattle can’t help but be impressed by the off-road prowess of the mighty Mahindra Roxor. Not only can this stock Roxor ford a river – with its winch strap dangling into the water below – it can then drag itself up the muddy embankment on the other side. Leafy forests seem as smooth as paved roads, and no terrain is able to get the best of this machine on what must be its inaugural trip.

We can appreciate all the safety gear in this video as well, with helmets and gloves worn throughout the day. Remember kids, safety is cool.

Fashion: Somewhere A Z28 is Missing its Paint

We haven’t seen many Roxors wearing custom liveries just yet, what with the oldest examples being well under a year old. The Mid-Missouri powersports dealer Cowtown USA has one of the first: a fully customized hunting edition of the Roxor with an unmissable Hugger Orange paint job.

The theme of the design is “Killing Time,” and it’s an extravagant ode to the great North American pastime of hunting wild game. Complementing the bright orange paint are several matte black decals: a hunter taking aim, an animal skull with an impressive rack, and several blurbs that call upon the Mahindra Roxor’s “made in the USA” status and classic Jeep heritage. And where would a hunting rig be without a massive Warn winch, durable off-road bumpers, and a go-anywhere diesel powertrain? Probably stuck in a muddy ditch somewhere.

Cowtown USA is a Dirt Legal participating dealership. Just mention our street legal Roxor conversion package and you can start the process of making your Mahindra Roxor street legal right on the showroom floor, so you can drive to your favorite hunting spot on public roads without upsetting Johnny Law.

As Rick says in the video, “Can you see yourself flipping a big ol’ whitetail up into the bed of this?”

We sure can.

Instagram  @tlcbister

Instagram @tlcbister

Roxor Weekly

Another week down, another Roxor Weekly in the bag. I hope you’re all ready for the blizzards and snowstorms headed our way! There’s plenty of time to get your Roxor street legal by then. Trust me, there’s nothing like a hot coffee, a heavy coat, and a four wheel drive turbodiesel snow monster to turn a cold winter day into a time you’ll never forget.

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Cover image source: Instagram @jojo_the_cockapoo