Roxor Weekly 11/30: Off-Roading in Style

This week’s column features some exciting changes to the Mahindra Roxor for 2019.

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is in full effect. Black Friday has come and gone, and every store, TV channel, and radio station is playing those familiar Christmas songs that some love and others loathe. Many of us are getting weekly bouts of snow these days, often accompanied by a seasonal illness known as “I ain’t goin’ out in that mess” which prevents us from going to work but, conveniently, leaves us just enough energy to cut donuts and do powerslides in our favorite off-road toys.

Funny how that works, huh?

Mahindra Roxor Aftermarket Parts

This Christmas, ask Santa to give you some shiny new parts from the Roxor Store at Dirt Legal. How about a folding windshield to keep the snow out of your eyes? Perhaps a deluxe heater with vents and defrost to keep your hands from freezing off? Or maybe it’s power you want, to the tune of 48 extra horsepower from a Stage 2 ECU Flash . Find all that and more in our Roxor Store.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into another:

Roxor Weekly

The 2019 Mahindra Roxor Will Be Much Improved

This latest vlog from friendly neighborhood YouTuber Abiez talks about some hotly anticipated improvements to the Mahindra Roxor for the 2019 model year.

Most notably, 2019 will see the Mahindra Roxor’s factory speed limit raised from 45 MPH to 55 MPH. By now everyone knows why the Roxor has a speed limiter and how easy it is to remove it, so it’s no surprise that Mahindra is responding to our desire for more speed by upping the limit by 10 MPH. That bump should allow future Roxor owners to access most of the roads in their area without the need for a tune or extra modifications. Of course, this won’t help anyone who already has a Roxor and there’s currently no plan for dealerships to offer a flash for existing models, though we suspect one will exist eventually.

In response to community feedback, other changes for the 2019 model year include increasing the size of the front brakes, renaming the existing color choices, adding new choices, and rumored but unconfirmed talks of additional bolt-on parts availability through Roxor dealerships.

That’s all a big step in the right direction, especially for anyone who’s been on the fence about buying a Roxor UTV next year. For those looking to make their Roxor street legal, a top speed of 55 MPH will open access to most roads shy of highways and interstates, but I imagine that bouncing off the limiter won’t be any more enjoyable at 55 than it is at 45. If you’re planning to drive your Roxor on public roads, your best bet is to de-restrict your Roxor and unlock its true top speed of over 70 MPH. Removing the limiter is free, easy, and extremely satisfying. If only more things were.

Thanksgiving Day Done Right in a Roxor

I doubt that many Roxors will spend their lives being driven on a daily commute or babied on local fire roads. That’s certainly not the case here; this Roxor enjoys flexing in front of a crowd of Jeeps at the local off-road park.

Its off-road prowess is proven throughout the video, most notably at 0:32 when this filthy Roxor makes quick and easy work of a challenging stretch of loose rocks. It’s believed to be on stock suspension with the only mods being aftermarket all-terrain tires, proving that a properly driven Mahindra Roxor is fully capable of off-roading even in stock form.

There’s something really satisfying about showing up at a local trail in something nobody knows about and running circles around them with it. You never know what kind of weird stuff you’ll see at places like this, either. Things like that epic monster truck / boat combo spotted at 2:54, a veritable tour de force honoring two completely different types of motor vehicle at the same time.

If that tickles your fancy, check out last week’s Roxor Weekly for more off-road action. If it doesn’t… you might want to check your pulse.

Custom ROXOR P-40 at SEMA 2018

This one-off Mahindra Roxor was spotted at SEMA 2018 sporting an iconic livery inspired by the Curtiss P-40 Flying Tiger airplane from World War II.

Though not the most capable fighter in the United States arsenal at the time, the P-40 was a venerated workhorse that lives on nearly a century later thanks to its telltale shark livery which has appeared in all corners of popular culture. Muscle cars, lifted trucks, and all manner of aircraft have rocked the unmistakable shark design over time, and now we can add the Mahindra Roxor to that list.

But this SEMA build is just getting started.

See, conventional wheels would be far too boring for such a bombastic machine. That’s why the ROXOR P-40 has ditched its traditional wheels in favor of a Mattracks 65 M1-A1 tank track system. A rare sight outside of Vail, Yellowstone, and Ken Block’s YouTube channel, this extreme off-road solution replaces all four wheels with an elaborate rubber track system designed to get you anywhere you want to go. The price for such a baller piece of kit? Somewhere around $50,000, or about three Mahindra Roxors.

Worth it.

The Roxor Desert Hunting Station is armed and ready. Courtesy of Instagram @ theroxorspot

The Roxor Desert Hunting Station is armed and ready. Courtesy of Instagram @theroxorspot

Roxor Weekly

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