Roxor Weekly: This Week’s Best Mahindra Roxor Videos

Welcome to the first edition of our new series Roxor Weekly, bringing you the best new Mahindra Roxor videos on the web every week.

When the Mahindra Roxor dropped earlier this year, visitors to Dirt Legal HQ probably thought we all went crazy. But what can we say? It’s the second coming of the Jeep CJ, the modern-day turbodiesel four-banger prophesied by the ancients. To celebrate its existence among us we’re rounding up the best new Mahindra Roxor videos each week, starting right now.

For the nonbelievers out there, a Mahindra Roxor can be made street legal – and it’s easier than you think.

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Living with a Mahindra Roxor

We’re sure Doug DeMuro will get his hands on a Roxor someday, and in the meantime this walkthrough by 99k-subscriber channel Tools in Action shows off some of the neat quirks and features of the Jeep CJ’s modern-day counterpart.

From its drive-by-wire accelerator to a Rhino-lined rear cargo area, the Roxor is actually a pretty quirky car. The narrator also mentions a few interesting things they discovered while owning a Roxor:

  • Geico wouldn’t insure it, but Progressive would

  • At 60 inches wide it’s too large for some UTV trails

  • Even police think it’s a Jeep (that’s good and bad)

In terms of upgrades, this Roxor wears aftermarket wheels and Maxxis Razr MT tires (size 265/75/R16). The narrator notes some rubbing at the front tires will be remedied by a future suspension lift. He says you need to be deliberate when shifting the manual transfer case and transmission, as one might expect, and he reminds us that “unlike a regular UTV, if you damage [a Roxor] it’s going to a body shop.”

Words of wisdom.

ECU Tune: Comparison to Stock

This video comes courtesy of Cowtown USA, a powersports dealer in Cuba, Missouri. They pitted a stock Roxor against one with a tuned ECU in a good ol’ fashioned rolling drag race. Spoiler alert: the tuned Roxor wins.

This mild ECU tune from KMS Performance retains the stock speedometer and increases the Roxor’s horsepower from 62 hp to about 77 hp. As the video shows, a 15 hp bump is enough to wake the Roxor up and makes daily driving a Roxor a much more obtainable goal.

This might be the best bang-for-your-buck performance mod for the Roxor.

Monstrous ECU Tune: Rolling Coal

The shop rig at Hattiesburg Cycles in Hattiesburg, Mississippi packs a wallop. Thanks to an upgraded clutch and aggressive Stage 2 ECU tuning from the pros at Diesel Freak, this Roxor is making double the horsepower from stock.

You read that right, you can now double the horsepower of a Roxor with a simple ECU tune.

Making nearly 125 hp, this Stage 2 Roxor rolls coal and spins tires like a proper diesel should. According to Wade at Diesel Freak, the clutch discs should be upgraded to withstand the extra power in the long term. And this video shows there are plenty of ways to put all that newfound power to good use.

We’ll take three, please.

Mahindra Roxor, Meet Straight Exhaust

If you’ve been wondering what a Roxor would sound like with straight pipes, now you know.

To our ears it actually sounds pretty good – you can hear the turbo coming through nicely, and there’s a nice low tone. It doesn’t seem like it would be obnoxious to drive, and that free-flowing exhaust should help make the most out of other performance mods as well.

Not bad.

Metal Roof and Hinged Windshield

We’re back with Hattiesburg Cycles again, this time to check out a Fortress reinforced metal roof and hinged windshield that remind us of the old days.

Since the Roxor was designed to thrash through muck and mire without breaking a sweat, the stock fabric roof is a bit of a weak spot. It’s great for cruising but not for withstanding rocks, branches, and whatever else a trail might throw at it.

This video shows David Morgan demonstrating the strength of the metal roof by standing on it. And a folding windshield? That’s just plain cool. It’s worth noting the Fortress folding windshield does require the Fortress metal roof.

All in, it’s a functional setup that should increase the Roxor’s off-road usability.

Armed to the Tees

To end on a higher note, this descendant of military machines packs some whimsical weaponry.

There’s an air cannon strapped to the back of this Roxor, spotted by an eagle-eyed fan at the Detroit Tigers and Chicago Cubs game on August 22nd. The distinctive “four and a half slot” grille gives the would-be Jeep away as it circles the field.

Fans cheer as white smoke pours from imitation exhaust stacks, the factory light bar blazing like the sun while t-shirts fly high into the stands.

That, my friends, is pure America.

A Roxor modified by On the Rox Fabrication

A Roxor modified by On the Rox Fabrication

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