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Dirt Legal had its genesis when we realized that a problem existed in the dirt bike community: How do you make a dirt bike street legal?

Not that there aren’t street-legal bikes you can take off-road. You can walk into any dealership and buy a DRZ400 or a WR250R, but they are overpriced and clumsy compared to most true dirt bikes. A real dirt bike is powerful and agile. It is unencumbered by restricted fueling and exhaust. It is exciting.

We made it our one mission to find a way to make every dirt bike street legal. Yes, EVERY dirt bike.

What we uncovered was a tangled mess of red tape and legal issues. The sheer madness of it all makes it clear why anyone would shudder at the thought of moving forward with the decision to put a plate on a dirt bike. At first, we believed it might be impossible. But, after spending more than a year researching the issues,  we’ve found multiple and varied ways to make ANY and every dirt bike street legal in the US.

We can now say, categorically and with confidence, that we can assist you with any and every off-road related titling issue you may have. Our service is hassle-free and comes with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

To make your vehicle street legal, simply select the Conversion tab above and choose your vehicle type — Dirt Bike, ATV or UTV, and we'll take it from there.

Of course, you could always keep loading your dirt bike or ATV onto a trailer and hauling it to your local trails. But, if you’re the type of rider that would rather spend your time riding your bike than transporting it, our service is for you!

At Dirt Legal, we do one thing and we do it right. We’re proudly a small company, built by riders, for riders.

Experience a freedom like you’ve never known.

Make your dirt bike street legal today.

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What people are saying about us.

Dirt legal helped make my crf450x legal rather quickly. All of my questions were answered in a timely manner and it was made legal in no time. I will definitely be recommending them to everyone I know.
— Melissa M. via Facebook
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Dirt Legal Model Posing with KTM
These guys got back to me right away and are very capable of my 1983 TT600 conversion. sounds like they are growing into offering insurance soon as well. couldn’t be easier. Larry H Who? No Way man - Its Dirt Legal for me!
— Mike I. Via Facebook

The guys at dirt legal are awesome! Fast shipping on supermoto parts and great customer service! Also great quality on my 12 o’clock bar for my wr250x.

— Mitch H. via Facebook
Yamaha WR450f Supermoto Wheelie