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Sign up to receive 10% commission on all street legal conversions you bring in with your unique promo code at DirtLegal.com

But first, make sure you know our rules.

This program costs us tons, but for you, it's totally free.

Why should you become an Dirt Legal Ambassador?

83% of satisfied customers, like you, will refer a product to a friend or family member at some point. So why not get paid for the sales you directly generate because of a referral?

So how does it work?

  1. Sign up as an affiliate, and you will get you 2 unique features
  • A custom link to send your friends. When they use this link to place their order, you're getting paid! 
  • Share you unique promo code like crazy, then see what works. Maybe it came from your Instagram post, a YouTube video, a celebrity tweet, or just an email you sent to your Supermoto fanatic friends.

Don't Forget: There is a slight delay from the time orders are purchased to payout (30 days). Once the customer completes their order and receives their license plate, you get paid!. We can't transfer money besides Paypal or optional Dirt Legal gift cards. So send us your Paypal email once you get approved to be an ambassador.


  • No funny stuff. We can ban you if we suspect spam techniques and other bad practices.
  • Though it can change, due to costs rising, there are set rate commissions. You know exactly what you will get paid - currently 10%
  • Please use common sense for conduct. Don't infringe on our Trademark, we have lawyers keeping an eye out just like all affiliate programs and don't claim to be a Dirt Legal employee.
  • You get paid a month after the sale (just to make sure the order isn't refunded). But don't worry, you can check the status on the order at anytime by giving us a call, text, or email.

Dirt Legal Affiliate FAQ:

Q: Can anyone become an affiliate?

A: Yes. Instagram star? Fundraising for your motocross race? Typography fan? Even if you're a vendor of Dirt Legal - No Problem!

Q: Is there an unique promo code for me to share?

A: Yes! Once you get approved, we will contact you with your own custom promo code.  When a customer uses your code, you will get paid!

Q: How do you pay out?

A: PayPal, so please make sure you send us your paypal address via email once you get approved.

Q: What site(s) do I get credit for?

A: This is only for www.DirtLegal.com

Q: How long does it take for me to get paid?

A: 30 days (only due to refunds)

Why Use Dirt Legal
       ✔️ 200+ vehicles legalized
       ✔️ Over 50 Five Star reviews
       ✔️ No Title needed to qualify
       ✔️ No Inspections
       ✔️ Hassle Free
       ✔️ Over 2 years in business
       ✔️ Vehicle Increases in value
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